Thursday, July 19, 2007

ARIA a success in the making

This is what I called a success in merchadising. In the past, I have commented on how ARIA make use of its popularity in merchandising (link) in comparison to AMG which has 10 years of history(link).

ARIA seems to be in more lucrative business. It makes a good use of ARIA sachou and the three main undines as well as chibi version in its merchandise. The merchadises are not expensive and the market extends beyond girls. The only disappointment is, it mostly caters for local JP market. HLJ don't have much of these items (fun goods) for order. However, there's still way to order them online from official site if you're fluent in JP but I'm not sure if they offer intertaional shipping.

The newest merchadise is the ARIA Ipod Nano case. Considering JP a country with vast market in technology gadgets, the potential of an Ipod case with the an user favourite animation or design could be immense.

List of ARIA merchandise :
Clothing: Undines uniform, gloves and hat, T-shirt, company T-shirt, towels
Stationery: Stickers, mini note set, memo pad, clear tag, seals, postcard set, straps, emblem stickers
Holder & Case: DVD CD File, CD receipt box, coin case, tote bag, card case, Ipod nano case.
Collective: Greeting cards, bookmarker, fastener accessory, music box, necklace, rubber keychain, key holder, liquid porch, JP fan, plush doll, phone cards
PC items: PC handrest, dust cleaner, desk mat, underlay, liquid mousepad
Tech: Protable calculator, clock, desktop-tile clock
Dining: picnic box, bowl plate, cup and tray, liquid tray, mini-cup, magnetic cup
Misc: oil-asorbing paper, relax-check card and door plates
(Not to mention there's figures and artbooks too)