Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Thoughts

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Suzuka 159: I like the chapter which is full of dialoues. Both Suzuka and Yamato had the same wavelength regarding the pregnancy matter.
Tsubasa 161: Another darn chapter on Yui history after being freed by Ashura. The covers feature watanuki and syoran so I'm convince that watanuki played an important role in Tsubasa Chronicle. But why not feature it in the past, apart from cover, there's no Watanuki anymore in the chapter. Oh, Ashura is the bad guy after all. To CLAMP again, just reveal the 2nd curse already. By the way, heard that Tsubasa's having 3 weeks break after chapter 162.
Cross Game 90: Baseball competition, Azuma Yuhei as baseman and Ko Kitamura as pitcher. Nothing interesting except Aoba cheering for Ko.

Romeo x Juliet 17 : Animation's better this week. A lot more interesting development. Tybalt’s father was Montague and his mother was a Capulet, making him Romeo’s half brother. Titus wanted Mercutio to be Montague son and ended up killed by Montague. Wow... messy! But who's this Ophelia??? And what's the Escalus about?? Anyway, the mess sparks my interest again.
Moetan 3: Have not watch yet.
Zero no Tsukaima II 3 : Episode 3 was quite amusing but I'm anticipating EP4 because Louise's sisters would appear in EP4. And Louise eldest sister turned out to be a worse maniac. EP 3 itself is fine, instead of disappearing all the male, they introduce a male, Julio to keep Saito away from harem.

Order at Yesasia took a lot longer than I expected. ARIA 10 and the ARIA Navigation file is not ready yet. So slow....

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