Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

Mood: Angry & Frustrated

Suzuka 160: A good chapter on Suzuka meeting Yamato's parents as potential daugther-in-law. We also learnt that Ayano-san eloped with her husband when she was young. Next chapter should be very interesting with Yamato meeting Suzuka's family and the caption said "Tears".
Tsubasa 162: No idea why the cover featured Kyle Rondart and Xing Huo. Another darn reminiscing chapter with bit more action.
Air Gear 173: Nothing special part from a possible AT fight coming up in next chapter between Kogarasumaru and the "kamen rider" gang.
Cross Game 91: Baseball, what else???

Romeo x Juliet 18 : Romeo establishing a town, Willie (William) casting a play and Aw... the reunion scene.. Isn't it wonderful? Start to like the white Iris more and more.
Moetan 4: I like the new character Alice Shiratori. She's my favourite character now because she got the attitude. I like to watch Sumi Kuroi only for her strand of hair that changes according to emotion.
Zero no Tsukaima II 4 : Hurray Louise's sisters. An enjoyable and funny episode. But to have Eleanor fantasizing on a guy like Count of Burgundy degrade my impression on her. I like Cattleya but find her average, anyway she's sick, you'll have to forgive her.

Bloody Yesasia. They haven't even sold any ARIA CH 10 and now they tell me it's temporarily not available. I even recommend a supplier to them and they ignore it. Last year's service was a lot better, the agent contacted the supplier and acquired the item for me. I was about to cancel the whole order but since I have a CD in it, I'll forget about it this time. I'm going to try the bookcafe and test its service. If I found availability at bookcafe, Yesasia's team and CEO gonna receive a trashing email from me.

Update: Yesasia just shipped my order of 4 mangas, ARIA Navigation Guide and 1 CD. Weekend spoilt because of Yesasia failure to acquire ARIA V10.

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At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy on splash for Tsubasa isn't Watanuki; it's Kyle Rondart.


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