Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greetings from Frankfurt

Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany.

It's 5.30am in the morning and I took advantage of the Hotel's internet access. At 3.28am, I called the reception checking the local time, he told me it was 4.28am. I was shocked as I found my time incorrect and I might miss the train at 7.30am. I changed the clock an hour earlier and woke up at 6am (5am actually). I then check the time online and yes, it's 5.30am now. Gee... ho could the reception got the time wrong.

The trip from Perth to Dubai was killing me since it's an 11 hour flight. The flight was well and we did encoutered some trubulences around Indian ocean. I found Dubai very hot. It was 27 degree when I reached Dubai at around 1pm (Dubai time). There was also a lot of people, some people were sitting on the sides of the lanes even though there were chairs just 100m away. The worst was the time we wasted sitting in a hot plane. Our flight from Dubai to Frankfurt was delayed because there's 3 plane arriving and we had to wait inside the train for more than 30 minutes. It was so hot and the air-conditioner was set weak during taxi. Gee... this incident made me lose impression on Emirates. I made an acquitance with a Chinese guy from Beijing. He's going to Berlin. The trip to Frankfurt was not really pleasant since I wasn't given the aisle seat as requested. And there's a compartment at the side so I can't stretch my leg well. Though it wasn't as bad as Wang as his in-flight entertainment system was faulty and he couldn't watch/play anything. I spent most of the time playing games which were classic and simple. I did get the highest score for the Bejewelled game and wrote my name on the record. Ha ha.

The weather in Frankfurt was good when we arrived. It's not as crazy as Perth weather now. I took a taxi to my hotel, Monopol. In Germany, the driver's seat is on the left. I went to th left and he told me it was the right since he's driving. Got bit embarassed. Gee.. the taxi driver was so "reckless". The driver sped 180 on a 120 road, cut lane without signal 80% of the time. He didn't fasten on his seat-belt until 10 minutes later.

The hotel I'm currently staying is quite decent. Though for Euro 99 per night, I would expect a clock and two pillows in the room. The water was weak, similar to the time I went to NZ. Guess, all hotels are trying to save water. The breakfast buffet will be available at 6am so I'm waiting for it.

Hope there's free access at the conference site or the hotel in Antwerp. See you. :)



At 10:26 PM, Blogger R8 said...

heh heh, funny story. hope you're enjoying your stay and wish that the rest of your trip will go smoothly.


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