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Suzuka 165 Propose

Suzuka 165 求婚 きゅうこん

Suzuka moved back to Ayano-san residence. Yamato was helping Suzuka with the moving but Suzuka wasn't happy the placement of her belongings. Yamato remarked that she should lend him a hand instead of complaining so much. In addition, it was all her belongings. Suzuka replied that she was pregnant so it's not safe for her. She then ordered Yamato to rearrange her belongings. Yamato had to oblige.

After finishing with the moving, Yamato commented that his room has less space. Suzuka said that it couldn't be helped since they were going to live together. Yamato asked if they could put some of the stuffs in her room. Suzuka replied that she wanted her room to be used as their bedroom so she didn't want to have much stuff in there. She added that it would be dangerous to have a lot of things around when their child started walking and papa was away working during the day. Yamato was stunned with Suzuka calling him "papa". Yamato smiled and commented that they felt like newlywed couple. Suzuka remarked that they won't be newlywed until they submit the marriage registration form. Suzuka told Yamato that she had their parents and guardians filled in their details. Yamato and Suzuka only have to fill in their names to complete the form. Suzuka said that they could submit it anytime but suggested that they should complete the form at that moment. Yamato agreed but he stopped when he was about to write his name. Suzuka asked about it. Yamato asked her if it was fine for him to write her name on the bride space. Suzuka told him that they won't be able to complete the form if he didn't write it. Yamato was about to fill in the form but something came to his mind. Suzuka asked what's with him today. Yamato replied that the last few months have been exhausting and he realized that he has forgotten something. He told her that he has not yet proposed to her.

Yamato then proposed to her by saying "Please marry me". Suzuka was stunned. She then scolded Yamato that it's already late even though he had plenty of chances before. She asked why Yamato proposed there and treated it as an aside when he was filling the form. Suzuka scolded Yamato for being an idiot and unromantic. Yamato apologized and explained that he had only realized it. Suzuka then sighed and said why did she fall in love with someone like him. Yamato asked what she just said. He was trying to confirm something. Suzuka replied that she fell in love with him. Yamato told her that it was her first time saying she loved him face-to-face. Suzuka was surprised as well. Yamato explained that she had said something similar before but she has never said love directly to him so he was happy to hear it. Suzuka was embarassed and apologized out of courtesy.

Yamato then suggested of submitting the registration on the day. Suzuka was surprised. Yamato explained that it's the first day she said she loved him and he had also proposed. He added that it'd be a precious moment for them. Suzuka asked if he was serious and Yamato replied yes. Yamato and Suzuka went out. Suzuka noticed that it wasn't the direction to the city hall. She asked Yamato about it. Yamato replied that he wanted to visit a place and had a last look. They arrived at the gym. Suzuka asked Yamato why he wanted to have a last look at the gym. Yamato replied that Suzuka didn't know about it but 3 years ago, a week before school opened, he saw a girl practising hig jump by herself. He said that he fell in love with her instantly. He added that he found out the girl was her neighbour and thought that it must be fate. Reminiscence of Yamato and Suzuka's moments appeared. Yamato continued that they quarreled almost all the time but he loved her more and more. He confessed to the girl and was rejected. He didn't gave up and kept trying. He succeeded and thought that they could be together at last. However, they broke up and the girl left abroad. Yamato then faced Suzuka, with a big smile, told her that despite everything, he had the chance to marry the girl at the end. Yamato told Suzuka that the gym was the place where everything started so he wanted to have a last look at it.

Suzuka held Yamato's hand and said that it's not the end. She smiled and said that it's a new beginning with the three of them. Yamato, holding Suzuka's hand, commented that they had made wishes at a shrine three years ago. Yamato told Suzuka that the wish had came true. Suzuka asked what he had wished for. Yamato replied that he had wished for something good to happen.

Note: There will be a Suzuka guidebook scheduled for 17th October release. The guidebook will potray graduation scene as well as the night before Suzuka's marriage.

P/S: Not what I expected but that's Yamato lame style. I also realized that when Suzuka left Yamato and he went to the shrine, he gave his earnings as offering and wished for something good. While it can be argued, I personally feel that he had always stick to his wish, wishing for a chance with Suzuka, even though he wished for something good to happen. I'm convinced that it'll end with the birth of their child. By the way, I'll be getting the Suzuka guidebook.

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At 4:45 AM, Anonymous flopstall said...

"The place hwere they fell in love" - was that the bridge in Yamato's hometown - the whole firefly thing?

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...


1. Don't bother asking since you didn't read the policy before you post.

2. Don't bother asking because it's not out yet.

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Flopstall said...


Were your referring to my post? If so, explain to me how it violated your policy (which I did read).

Were you concerned that I provided a spoiler? If so, I was referring to the events of ch.41. As such, why does it matter that ch.165 isn't out yet? If I'm wrong about ch.41, just say so.

- thanks.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Flopstall: Not you. If I'm replying your mail. I'll either reply with your name like above. I was refering to an anonymous poster which I have deleted his/her post.

sorry for the confusion.

as for your question, I didn't want to answer until I get more credible information. :)

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Flopstall said...

I didn't think you would mistake "anonymous" for "flopstall", but I was still confused since the only post I saw was mine.

Anyhow, is there a chance that another anime season will be done to cover the manga since ch.72 ?

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous overdrive said...

I wonder if they'll do for a "jump ahead to the future" for the last chapter. They've already done it once, haven't they?

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think the baby's name will be Tsuda?

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww... they grew up so fast!!! huhuhu... gonna miss this...

anyways since suzuka is ending, im looking for a new manga to read. hey firsherman have u read "i''s", i think its a relatively old manga... - i think - is it any good? wht can u say about it?

* no spoilers ;P *

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

I"s has some very sad parts in it. Even though it is a romance manga, its almost nothing like Suzuka.

It's still a good manga, just expect to hit a few really sad parts twords the end.

Love Hina was a good manga. If you haven't read it you should check it out.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Anonymous 6.07am: Yes, I erad I"s before. The manga is good. In fact there's EN graphic novels for it, all released.

I did cover I"s OVA so you can have a read. But the OVA was over-simplified compared to the manga. The manga do have a lot of H scene so do be aware of that. Love story wise I think it's pretty good.

Deathfired: Sad part??? It has a good & happy ending. Iori and Ichitaka got together.

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

ya but the poor kid almost has a coma lol. Between that and the women that controls Iori it was really depressing until the very end.


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