Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

Mood: Happy

Suzuka 165: Dialogue between Suzuka and Yamato. Suzuka and Yamato lived as a couple. Yamato proposed to Suzuka with his lame style. Yamato brought her to their school gym and reminisced their past. Chapter ended with Suzuka and Yamato determined to be a happy couple with their child. Next week Suzuka finale!! There'll be colour pages!
Air Gear 177: Battle against Sirius continued. Ikki got the first point. Come on, move on!
Cross Game 96: That's it Adachi, we want action. And we got it. Koh against Mishima. Two good ones and a bad one. Mishima hit the fourth one and Koh captured it instantly. Cool!
Prince of Tennis 358: Akaya entered demon stance and aimed at Inui. Inui collapsed. Looks like Seishun lost the 2nd match as well.
Tsubasa 166: Shaoran lost his freedom, Sakura lost her memory, Yuu lost his eyes and now Kurogane lost his arm (whole arm!) in order to save Yuu. Curse you, Fei Wong Reed.

Romeo x Juliet 22: Montague is dead. Yeah.
Zero no Tsukaima II 10 : Not really interesting. Encouter with an army of Albion and clash in Louise & Saito's idealogy.
Moetan 10: Ah kun, ka kun, Na kun, Sumi and Ink went to save Alice. Alice restored to her adult form and was held captive. The enemy was evil Alice. The reason why Alice hated Ah Kun was because Ah kun loved loli and he got carried away during their date and said that she has over-sized breast. Dandy turned out to be the King of magical kingdom. Ah Kun returned to his ownself and attacked the evil Alice but she turned into a huge beast. Ink and Sumi combined their powers and turned Ah Kun into a giant duck. Super size Ah Kun defeated the enemy. A sentimental moment for Alice embracing Ah kun. However, Ah Kun saw Na Kun true self and got carried away. It looks like the final episode but it's not.

Placed a pre-order for 3 clear action base. I'm not pleased with the MG Strike Freedom stand and have wanted to get a white action base but it was on backordered. I like the clear base and have pre-ordered for my 3 MGs. I spent a big purchase this week. AUD$599 can buy you around 10 figures (1/8) or 10 MG Gundams or 15 OSTs or 25 DVDs or 120 mangas. And I spent it on a set of suit(with two trousers). My sister's wedding coming up, that's why.

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