Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

Mood: Normal

Suzuka 166: Final episodes of Suzuka! Yamato and Suzuka's daugther, Fuuka is so cute.
Air Gear 178: Kururu's back unharmed.
Cross Game 97: Koh reached his limits although he didn't show it.
Prince of Tennis 359: Inui and kaidou lost. Akaya entered demon stance and aimed at Inui. Inui collapsed. Looks like Seishun lost the 2nd match as well.

Romeo x Juliet 23: Juliet taken away by Ophelia.
Zero no Tsukaima II 11: Siesta exposed, Louise cat cosplay and the rebellion of army because of the enemy magic spell/potion.
Moetan 11: Without magic, Ink cannot change to Pastel Ink but she cosplayed and continued with the tutoring.

. Just been informed by my friend that there's a new series 初恋限定 (Hatsukoi Gentei) "Limited First Love" by Mizuki Kawashita, mangaka for Ichigo 100%.

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