Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AMG Fighting Winds Information

There's some brief information on the coming AMG special TV series but they have been quite secretive about it. But thanks to Kotetsu, according to Afternoon magazine January edition, it'll cover the Rind arc. This arc includes Rind and her twin angels, angel-eating monster, Belldandy and Blue Lance. I have hoped that the second season would deliver the arc but they didn't. I'm glad that they decide to produce this arc for the 20th anniversary because it's one of the more interesting arc in the whole series.

The episodes will be aired on the 8th of December according to the magazine. Initially I thought the they only cover the Rind arc with twin angels and angel eater but from the promotional illustrations showed that Blue Lance in V25 Chapter 161 will be covered. Really hope they'll do a good job on this arc.

For more information on the Rind arc, visit Gateway to the Goddess.

By the way, The AMG Tatakau Tsubasa (ああっ女神さまっ闘う翼) OP and ED has been released in JP even though official release date is tomorrow. The title of the single is 愛の星/ハナムケのメロディー. It comprises 5 tracks with 3 vocals and 2 instrumentals. The OP theme is 愛の星 (Star of Love) and the ED theme is ハナムケのメロディー (Farewell Melody). The artist for the single is Jyukai (樹海) who did the tracks for AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa ED2.

I have placed an order of the single at Play-asia.

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