Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Tsubasa 178: Now Sakura turned out to be a CLONE as well!!! Wonder what kind of story plot does Clamp have in mind.
Cross Game 109: Aoba had her spring cleaning. Akane went to visit Aoba to thank her for saving her.
AMG232: Chrono felt depressed but Belldandy gave her an ice-cream and comforted her. The thing that was lost was the vocal tuning algorithm and wihout it, singing voice will disappear from the world. First they lost the memory and they are about to lose their voice. Kosuke Fujishima really need a better plot than this.

Going to acquire Suzuka V18, ARIA V11 and Cross Game V10 this month. Hope Pastel V18 will also be out by then. In addition, I'll get a portion of Prince of Tennis manga, maybe V18-V39. Alice and Akari punit collection will be released next month instead. My brother's getting MG Destiny Extreme Burst from HLJ, hope he'd get it since one's for me. ^^



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