Sunday, December 30, 2007

Congratulation to Aika and Akari

ARIA Navigation 58:

Browse the cover page carefully before you read the summary and see if you noticed what's different. Hint: their hands.

Akari and Aika went for practice one day. Akari boosted the atmosphere by calling out their Prima goal. Aika apologized and said that she cant continue with their practise session anymore. Akari then noticed Aika's hand withoutt the glove (How did Aika hide it until she sat down???). Akari congratulated Aika.

Back home, she told Alicia about Aika's promotion and her appellation Rozen Queen. She also told her about Aika's transfer to a new branch. Alicia then informed Akari to take the Prima test the next day. During the test, Alicia commended Akari for her skills and knowledge. Alicia then told Akari to approach a narrow alley. She succeeded and Alicia took off her glove, bestowing Aqua Marine on her.

It was a touching chapter. The prima test wasn't like the single test where the later was carried out in secret. Akari was informed that she's going for the test and she succeeded. I believe the last two chapters will highlight their lives as Prima undines and their long-awaited gathering. I still doubt that Alicia would retire with Akari as the Prima undine now. As far as I know, it's not a tradition. ARIA has been sweet, sad to hear there's only 2 chapters left.

Upcoming Merchadises:


Mag Garden ARIA Novel 2: 10th January

Undine Magazine 2 Issue 1: 10th January
Undine Magazine 2 Issue 2: 21st January
Undine Magazine 2 Issue 3: 31st January

Music CD

ARIA The Origination OP & ED
OP スピラーレ by 牧野由依 (Makino Yui)
ED 金の波 千の波 by 新居昭乃 (Akino Arai)
Have not decided whether I'll be getting them but most probably will. This was because I was shocked by ARIA the Arietta OP which I really displeased with. So I'll wait for ARIA The Origination before I place the CDs.


A preview of the coming ARIA punit collection scheduled for April release, featuring Alicia and Aika.

Akari and Alice punit collection will be released end of January of early February.


I prefer the previously released ties.

Fun Goods

There are several fun goods from Cospa and Animate but I just higlight this. Nevertheless, I dont think I would be getting the ARIA the Originaiton keychains.



At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Adun said...

You are sure on top of the ball game with the ARIA news. I don't even bother keeping up with it all as my time is spent elsewhere, lol. But with the manga ending soon, it's good to see that they are becoming Primas. Also I reckon having ARIA-shachou slippers would be awesome.

At 12:40 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Thanks. :)

It's a monthly manga so not too bad. Except I visit the main page every other week.

I spent more time on HLJ to make sure I pre-order the punit collection. ha ha

Oh ya, the slippers... adorable

Can't wait for ARIA The Origination.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous petrichorlic said...

NOOOO!!!!! ANN reports that the 12th vol will be the final vol of ARIA! and thats only 3 months away!!!

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why Alice's prima test was done secretly then... is it because it was both for the single and the prima rank?


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