Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ARIA The Origination 2

Episode 2:第2話「その 笑顔のお客さまは…」 」

Akari received a call from a lady who requested for a gondola tour by a Single undine. Akari spent the night deciding the route and place of interest for the tour.

The next morning, Akari yawned during her practice session with Aika and Ailce. They then talked about the specific request for a Single undines. Aika remarked that it was easier to exploit a Single undine for fun. Alice suggested that it could be an inspector from the association and there were possibility for demotion to pair. In the afternoon, the guest came and introduced herself as Amaranda (Flower in Greek). Akari asked if she had any particular place of interest that she would like to visit but Amaranda smiled and said she would like Akari's tour. Akari, Alicia, Aria sachou and Amaranda went off. Suddenly, a gondola appeared from behind. Aika and Akari were curious and decided to follow them.

During the tour, Akari introduced Amaranda to a spot where she could view the status holding the ukijima, the floating island maintained by salamander, from an angle. A while later, Amaranda asked Akari to looked up and Akari saw two statues holding the ukijima from another angle. Akari then asked if Amaranda had been here before but she only smiled back. The tour continued and Akari brought Amaranda to see a miniature of Neo-Venezia. After several places of interest, Akari brought them to the potato-butter (jagabataa) stall. Akari fed Aria sachou and Aria sachou liked it very much.

After the snack, Amaranda commented that it's about time. Akari suddenly stopped rowing and said that she had a place which she wanted Amaranda to see and asked if she had time for it. Amaranda agreed and Akari took her to a dark passage. Upon reaching the other side, they found a beautiful waterway with colourful flowers. Amaranda saw a door and asked Akari about it. Akari replied that she had no idea about it and Amaranda suggested that they went though it. After rowing through the dark passage, they found a beautiful tree with purple flowers in the middle of the place. Amaranda explained how the tree could grow such beautiful flowers at such place. This made Akari felt that Amaranda had been there before. They also found Aika and Alice who were following them.

On the way home, Alicia told Akari that Amaranda had been her guest in the past when she was stilla Single undine. She added that Amaranda was also Akira and Athena guest when they were Singles as well. Amaranda commented on the reason that she chosed young undines for her gondola tour. Akari then invited Amaranda to come again when she became Prima undine. After Amaranda left, Akari told Alicia that she wanted to work hard to be a Prima undine.

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P/S: I was supposed to have this done by evening but I was strucked my severe headache, Sorry. Anyway, this episode is quite a normal plot where Akari took a guest on a gondola tour. Nevertheless, the scene, atmosphere and emotional elements are still veyr well animated.

Note: Many has speculated that this is the last season. However, I do have slightly different view. Well, it depends on the number of episode for this season. If this was a 13 episodes and do not cover any material in the manga, then there’s possibility for another short season. If this was a 26 episodes, it might be the last season but only if it covers the material in the anime. Personally, since there’s 2 more chapters meaning 2 more months to go, I think this might not be the last season. It’s uncommon to have a last season while the manga has not yet ended. Nevertheless, let’s enjoy this season with joy. ^^

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At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read that this is supposedly the last season and it is suppose to coincide w/ the manga ending. It's supposed to end in April, which would be a month after the final chapter. It is possible, but admittedly very uncommon.


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