Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ARIA Update

Navigation 59 未来 sure is good...

After Alicia congratulated Akari for passing the Prima examination, she told Akari about her retirement and wedding. Later, the news spread and Aika and Alice came to ARIA company. They asked Akari if Alicia was going to retire because of marriage. Akari replied yes and Akatsuki called to asked about that as well. Akari told Aika and Alice that the Gondola association has long offered Alicia a position. They need an experienced undine for the job to make the undine foundation more solid and prosper. However, no matter how great was Alicia, it was impossible to take on two role at the same time. Thus retiring as undine for marrige was something she had long decided. Aika and Alice asked Akari if she was ok emotionally.Akari put on smiles and said she would be fine.

For the next few days, they were busy but both kept their smiles to each other. One day, Akari couldnt understand the number in a document but she couldnt find Alicia. Alicia was out at the compound thanking her supporters for the farewell bouquet. Alicia went back ARIA company and found Akari in tears. Akari then couldnt hold herself and cried. Alicia went over and hugged her. Alicia then told Akari that she has the capability of a Prima Undine long time ago. But Alicia felt that she could continue as her mentor as long as Akari's still a Single. Alicia has also consulted grandma and has several time wanted to hold the examination. However, she would delayed again and again so that she could stay longer with Akari. She was fraid to lose the wonderful moment with Akari. Alicia apologized to Akari. Akari then told Alicia that she understood that all the things that had happened were blissful.
But she felt insecure and scared. She continued that it could be somewhere in her heart that wanted to everything to stay the same and that's why she wanted everything to stop there. However, she said that because she didnt stop and came to Aqua and met Alicia and the other so this time she would also continue to move forward in ehr life. She then told Alicia that when Alicia decided to retire as undine, Alicia has decided to seek a better future as well. Thus Akari would use her smile to send her to the turning point and she would continue to put on her smile until the moment arrived. Alicia smiled back and thanked her.

P/S: Ever since V4, I had thought and wished to see Alicia getting married. It wasn't really a speculation but I had hope for... and I getting it. Though I didnt expect that Alicia had to retire that soon. Luckily Akari has ARIA sachou at least.
Anyway.. the last navigation chapter Navigation 60 are bound to be precious. I'm speculating Ai chan will join ARIA company.

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At 5:05 PM, Blogger Taelrak said...

Married? I didn't realize she even had a fiance or boyfriend!

So what happens to everyone else in the crew (Akira, Athena?)

Ah...wish I could read the mangas! ; ;

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

Now that's interesting. I really don't keep up with the ARIA manga so I look forward to your next posts on the manga.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Adun: Next post on manga would be the finale! Dont worry, I'll definite cover it.

At 3:35 AM, Anonymous tigerlily said...

married??!!! uh! whoa, it would have never cross my mind that Alicia would retire for that reason, and since when? could it be ****that Akatsuki finaly had his wish come true****. those that mean that akari undine carrier would be short?????
Whyyyy!!! were i would get my aria fix, well all good things in life must end i guess.soo sad TT, i would have to stick my nose again in that pile of shoujo-shonen garbage to find something half as good as this X.X, i want to thank you for the shors sumarizes of this wonderfull manga looking foward to your next post 8D.

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

urgh.....alicia is quite cute, delaying akari's prima exam because she can't bear leaving her:D.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

I'd always suspected, but I thought it was too farfetched a theory to bother sharing...If you look in previous chapters, Alicia obviously has a lot of admirers...and she had already accepted a ring, which was probably the greatest indication.

... On another thought, Akira must be throwing a fit. Alicia beat her to Prima AND to marriage.

At 4:32 AM, Anonymous HeavenOrHell said...

i`m really amazing ^^! I`m finding the raw manga now....but it seems all the links is dead now X_X (KEEP FINDING!!!)
Also Thx about ur entry :)

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

By the way, I'm loving Origination's chapter selections. They were all my favorite chapters...

It kind of makes me feel sad whenever someone says that this is the last season, but I guess it's inevitable.


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