Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Suzuka V13 Order

Received my Yesasia order this morning. It was shipped on 17th January, took about two weeks. Funny that they wrote DVD instead of book on the parcel. Only one volume of Suzuka CH V13, so nothing much.

Hope the ARIA PS2 Book will arrive before I leave for holiday.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Suzuka 136 Endurance

凉风 #136 我慢 がまん

Yamato thought to himself that he would regret for the rest of his life if agreed with Suzuka's wish. Yamato hugged tightly onto Suzuka. Suzuka asked him to let her off. He remarked that she always kept her worries and burden to herself and never thought of talking with him. He continued that she was like that when they dated, when she received the opportunity to study abroad and when he was busy with his casual job. She never told him how she really felt. Suzuka explained that studying abroad was her own decicion and Yamato worked because of him. Yamato replied that she was actually worried that he would dislike her. Suzuka denied and struggled. Yamato asked her to listen to him. He said that he understood her. Suzuka intended on staying at her hometown and continued her highschool but went to Tokyo because of parents and teacher's recommendation. He added that she always had pressure when others had expectation on her. Thus, she would press herself to achieve the results. Yamato continued that as a result, she worried about other's view and worked hard to prevent people from disliking her.

Suzuka escaped from Yamato's hug, saying that's enough. Yamato grabbed her hand and stopped her. Suzuka asked what he wanted, whether she should listen to his grumbling. Yamato replied that he's not complaining and she asked what did he meant to say. Yamato bursted out saying that he wanted Suzuka to trust him more. Yamato said that even if they had argument or if she called him unreasonable, he would not dislike her. He asked her to talk to him a bit more often. Tears started collecting in Suzuka's eyes. She turned around and walked away. Yamato was worried that he caused Suzuka crying. As he was pondering on what he had just said, Suzuka turned around and approached him. She then gave him a big slap and asked why didn't he chased after her. Yamato was stunned and Suzuka said that he still hasn't understand her. Yamato replied that she was crying but she interrupted him. She then asked whether he could tolerate her selfish and unreasonable attitude. She added that she could also say something that's worse than he would expect. She then asked if Yamato could still tolerate her. Yamato was shocked. Suzuka continued asking if he could do it and asked him to asnwer her that moment.

Back home, Ayano-san bought cakes for Yamato and Suzuka. It was 8.13pm and she wondered where they have been. Miki said that they must have argued over something insignificant again. Ayano-san commented that Yamato and Suzuka hasn't talk to each other since morning and wondered if they were fine. The last page show Yamato kissing Suzuka.

P/S: Suzuka really loves Yamato, she knows that she's temperamental and that Yamato might not be able to bear with her. On the other hand, Yamato knows that Suzuka always kept things to herself and wanted her to trust him more. Wonder what would happen from now on.