Thursday, January 04, 2007

ARIA Order

My HLJ order comprising Beat Alicia Florence 1/6 figure and ARIA The Natural Perfect Book has been shipped today. I had hope that the other ARIA order, ARIA PS2 Game material would make it in time but it didnt. HLJ even priced it incorrectly but ammended after I told them. They said that the stock hasn't arrived due to long holiday. AJ has it, guess AJ worked throughout the holidays. I did save about ¥380 having the book shipped together with the figure. But I still have to pay at least ¥680 SAL shipping for the PS2 book later.

Vendor: HLJ
Order: Beat Alicia Florence 1/6 Figure
Cost: ¥6631 (Early Bird)
Order: ARIA The Natural Perfect Guide Book
Cost: ¥1886
Total: ¥10297 (AUD $109)

Next time, I might go for AJ as Adun has mentioned, faster service thought shipping slightly more expensive.

P/S: Adun had his Perfect Guide Book and Premium Poster book from AJ already, so visit moemoerabu to see them.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

AMG Artbook and PS2

Hidenori Matsubara Artbook. Megami-sama has uploaded several pages of AMG artworks. Most of the artworks have been published as DVD covers, CD covers, posters and magazine scans. Megami-sama has identified them under the image cross-references section. Visit Megami-sama for the scans.

AMG PS2 game will be released on 22nd February. Some of the PS2 artworks released are done by Matsubara for example the left one, featured in afternoon magazine, which is very beautifully produced. But the right one, featured in Megami magazine Feb. 2007, is terrible.


Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year 2007

Augurio Buonanno!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! It's been wonderful year blogging anime, manga and related merchadises in 2006. Hope the coming would be another wonderful year for me. It'll be busy especially with my work. So enjoy and celebrate your new year with style!

Anime which celebrate New Year in STYLE!


Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Purchases

For fun, a brief info on my 2006 purchases, nothing much compare to Ollin, R8, Eric (Elitist Wannabe), Zanza or even Adun's purchases.

My purchases in 2006
Around 10 OST & singles, 26 manga, 2 Gundams, 4 DVD boxsets and several DVDs, 3 PS2 games and 5 figures. I often think twice or hold back before I purchase otherwise my epenses would at least double if not triple. There's so many that I want to obtain but restrained. 2006 purchases amounted to about $AUD 1200 excluding some miscellaneous stuffs.

Most Expensive: Lacus Cylne Figure with EMS shipping
Most Economical: ARIA Desktop Calendar
Most Pleased: ARIA manga collection
Most Worthy: FFVII AC DVD with Tin Box
Most Unworthy: Ichigo 100% DVD OST
Largest: MG Gundam Freedom
Smallest: Gundam SEED Destiny Markers
Most Anticipated: Belldandy Figure