Friday, December 01, 2006

ARIA Desktop Calendar

Shipped: 13/11/2006
Arrived: 01/12/2006

Received my ARIA desktop calendar this morning. I actually dreamt about it last night and had feelings that I would receive it today and it did, crazy. Adun, if you're reading this, dont laugh, I just got mine (Perth lost by 1 week!!!). :P

The 12.5*18cm booklet size calendar is a worthy collection for ARIA fans. It features ARIA characters in chibi and SD forms. The calendar is rare now, discontinued/out-of-stock at both AJ and HLJ. The only other person I know who have it is Adun from Moemoerabu. There are much more new artworks compared to the wall calendar, though wall calendar does feature more elegant and colourful illustrations.

Similar to July, but this is the artwork for whole year calendar
January, official page has samples of it in different colours
February. My favourite. Alicia Florence!!! Ara..ara..
March. Alicia with SD Akari
April. Akira with SD Aika
May. Atena with SD Alice
July. SD Characters in gondola
August. ARIA SD characters
September. Aika and Alice in chibi form. Kawaii!!
October. Wish this wasn't part of the calendar
November. Wish this also wasn't part of the calendar

The artworks for June and December are the cover and back cover.Also submitted high quality ones to

P/S: HLJ has shipped my Megahouse Lacus Cylne figure. Confirmed that it's EMS shipped. The EMS shipping cost me 2220 Yen (SAL only 1080 Yen), total of 62220 Yen. Ouch! !!
Status: 30/11 @ Gunmda Prefecture
Status: 01/12 @ Tokyo Metropolis

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At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

Good to see you finally received it. I would've scanned them myself as well, but I didn't want to bend the book plus I'm much too lazy.

At 9:26 PM, Blogger impz said...

darn, u are so so so so rich T_T

Sigh, i feel like a very poor Aria fan indeed, with no such anime merchandise. I guess in a way, my wallet feels slightly heavier too




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