Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Suzuka 130 Reason

凉风 #130 理由 りゆう

Ayano san organized a farewell party Saki. Satome and Megumi were also there. Yamato questioned why there's two person without any reason joined them. Saki said it's fine as the more the merrier. Ayano san went to get some soy sauce and reliazed that there's no soy sauce left. found out that there's little soy sauce left. Yamato offered to go and buy it since he wanted to buy something as well. Satome, Saki and Miho took the opportunity and requested Yamato to buy snacks for them. Yamato argued that he's not their delivery man. Suzuka asked if she can tag along as he wouldnt be able to carry all the purchases.

Suzuka and Yamato bought the stuffs, with Yamato carrying two large bags and Suzuka carried a small bag of items. On the way home, Suzuka asked if Yamato had decided on Touto. Yamato replied that he hasn't decided. He added that Arima's also at Touto and it annoyed him. However, the seniors there were friendly and the facilities were great. Suzuka then told him that he should choose Touto then. A little while later, Suzuka commented that she was surprised that Yamato was made captain and got third for IH since she thought he would certainly give up half-way. Yamato told Suzuka that he had thought of giving up many times because of the exhausting and meaningless training. He then added that he didnt give up maybe because of her. He wanted to chase her achievement and to be on the same par as her, thus he told himself to persevere. He continued to persevere for two years but Suzuka then went to America. Yamato asked for a break as the stuffs were heavy and he sat down for a rest. Suzuka mentioned that they went shopping together at night in the past. It was the day Suzuka first met Yasonobu. Yamato commented that back then Suzuka felt happy when he complimented her high-jump. Suzuka suddenly become silent and Yamato asked her why. Suzuka replied that she was happy and that's why she thought of studying abroad. Yamato was shocked and asked her if it was because of his compliment. Suzuka replied yes.

The next day, Yamato sent Saki off at the train station. After short conversation and patting on his head, Saki told Yamato to work hard for Seijou. She told him that Suzuka is the girl that he always has in his mind. Yamato felt sorry for breaking his Touto promise with Saki before but Saki asked her not to be bother with it. Inside the train, Saki whispered that Yamato would peserve to the end once he has set his target.

P/S: Good chapter for me as Kouji put in effort in repairing Suzuka and Yamato relationship.

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At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Geta said...

Nice chapter. Suzuka's reason seems so sketchy though. Wonder if we're about to see the end of the series

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the summary =)


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