Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Suzuka 127 Bomb

凉风 #127 爆弾 ばくだん

During dinner, Saki complimented Ayano san cooking skills. Everyone enjoyed the companion of Saki except Yamato. Earlier, Yamato warned Saki not to talk nonsense and she told Yamato not to worry. Yamato wondered if she really understood him since he felt Saki was a ticking bomb. Saki asked Suzuka about her trip to Hiroshima last year. Saki happily remarked that everyone had been spreading the rumour that Yamato brought a wife back from Tokyo. Yamato was stunned and burst out his tea. Saki futher commented that Yamato tried to create atmosphere at the bridge again and he really like the place. Yamato explained that they went there to see the fireflies. Suzuka suddenly noticed the word bridge. She asked if Saki was the girl whom Yamato had confessed on the bridge. Saki replied yes and Yamato was so embarassed. Saki said it was all in the past and he shouldnt worry. Ayano san then knew why Yamato hesistated to pick up Saki. Miho asked Saki about the incident.

Saki reminisced and told them what happened. Back then, Yamato was looking for fireflies. Saki said that there's no fireflies at that time. Yamato replied that he saw one the day before. Saki wondered why Yamato brought her to see fireflies and commented that it's starting to rain. Not giving up, Yamato took the flower and confessed to Saki.

Back to present, Saki was laughing hard about the incident. Suzuka asked if Yamato moved to Tokyo because he couldnt stay in Hiroshima because of the rejection. Yamato quickly denied. Saki then teased that he was rejected again in Tokyo yesterday. Miho asked if Yamato was dumped by Honoka. Yamato denied and said it's just that Honoka told him she had a boyfriend, so it didnt count as being dumped. Saki remarked that the girl was waiting for his confession but he didnt, at the end she ran away with someone. Miho added that it's embarassing and no wonder Suzuka dumped him. Everyone was stunned and silent. Suzuka answered with smile that Yamato even forgot her birthday. Miho remarked that it's unbelievable and Ayano san complained that Yamato kept forgetting the cleaning time. Everyone was talking bad things about Yamato after that.

Yamato went back to his room, feeling frustrated. Saki came to his room and invited him to eat a local snack with her. Yamato asked her to go back as he felt down because of her nonsense. Saki told Yamato that it was because he didnt understand girl's feeling that he was dumped. Yamato defended that there's reason that he forgot Suzuka's birthday. He added that he was angry thinking about it since she should know the reason. Saki interrupted and asked who's he talking about. Yamato replied Suzuka but Saki was referring to Honoka. She commented that he never listened to people but Yamato replied it was just a misunderstanding. Saki then said it also happened 3 years ago. Saki told him that she didnt even have the chance to reply his confession because he ran away after confessing. Yamato replied that it looked like a rejection. Saki said that she didnt even said so. She told him that she tried to talk to him several time after that but he kept running away, thus she couldnt reply. Yamato said that he was embarassed. Saki told him that he better listened to people's answer. Saki then replied his confession, "Sorry, I felt terrible back then". Yamato said that she didnt have to reply since it was so long ago. Saki answered that it bothered her all the time and she felt better after replying. Saki then ran away. Outside, Saki commented that she came to Tokyo, only to find that Yamato had someone he liked.



At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Geta said...

Looks like Yamato had his nuts handed to him at dinner, funny stuff.

At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't tell me Yamato is that lucky with the ladies!

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well deserved at dinner. a typical insecure idiot as usual. Dosen't listen to people and then complains about being hurt. Brought on all by himself.


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