Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Suzuka 125 Regret

凉风 #125 悔恨 かいこん

Yamato and Honoka went for dinner at Casa restaurant. Honoka brought coke for Yamato and commented that he liked coke. Yamato didnt know that Honoka understand his liking for coke. She remarked that they had been there for many times. Yamato said that they often went to Casa for meals. Honoka added that everytime they ordered burger meal. Yamato suggested that they had different meal but Honoka replied that they ended up with the burger meal eventhough Yamato suggested others everytime. Yamato looked at Honoka and thought to himself that she was really cute. He felt that Honoka was not only gentle but also understanding, and it would be a blessing to date her. Honoka asked Yamato if he had decided. Out of panic, he pointed at the burger meal again. Honoka ordered the burger meal and a club sandwitch.

Yamato pondered on Honoka previous suggestion of being together again. Yamato thought that their relationship had been equivocal and Honoka also said that she was joking back then. He wondered if Honoka would accept him if he confess to her but worried that they wouldnt be able to see each other if she rejected him. He decided to stay that way for the time being. Honoka asked Yamato if he knew how many times they had been there. Yamato said he had forgotten. Honoka said she couldnt remember either but it had been many. She added that it would probably be their last. Honoka then told Yamato that she befriend a boyfriend. Yamato was shocked and asked if he's someone from her workplace. Honoka replied yes and said he was someone whom she often met during photo session. The guy confessed to her the day before they went to the beach and had been waiting for Honoka's reply. Honoka added that the guy wanted to know her reply today. Honoka told Yamato that they shouldnt go out together again for the sake of her new boyfriend. Yamato was shocked and his mind went blank. The meals arrived. Honoka said that they could still mail each other and invited Yamato to have the meal. Yamato wanted to protest but refrained from going further. He thought to himself that he didnt want that to happen and he must have fallen for Honoka. Yamato blamed himself for realizing it now.

Yamato went home with tears in his eyes. He opened his room and found smokes inside his room. He opened his window and realized that it was the smell of burnt fish. Suzuka came through the hole and apologized. Yamato asked her about the smoke. Suzuka replied that she grilled fish just then. Yamato reprimanded her for not opening the window and it was common sense. He added that why Suzuka wanted to cook by herself. Suzuka shouted out saying that she forgot and called Yamato idiot. She then passed him a plate of burnt fish. She said that she bought two fish and wanted to give him one as token of apology. Yamato was struggling with his emotion. Suzuka saw his tears and asked him. Yamato said it was because of the smokes.

P/S: Honoka pull out. Next week Yamato would meet someone who will make his emotion even messy. probably Yui!



At 9:55 AM, Blogger Bod said...

wow... that was quite unexpected. yamato was dumped even before he think about going out again with honoka. anyway i wonder what will happen next?

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous wontaek said...

Serves him right for not recognizing what is good for him earlier. Although Honoka is the better girl for him, he doesn't deserve her, and should go back to hell ( Suzuka's cooking )

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not suprise, yamato should have seen it coming.
Yamato has been playing it safe with honoka


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