Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ARIA Natural Finale

ARIA The Natural
Episode 26: 「その 白いやさしい街から… 」
It's winter and snow covered the whole Neo-Venezia. Akari, Aika and Alice had their usual practice session. During the break, Akari asked Aika and Alice about their childhood ambitions. Aika replied that she wanted to be a lady like Alicia. Alice asked Akari and Akari also said she wanted to be like Alicia. Aika told her not to copy her and remarked that to be like Alicia required determination. She added that Akari did not have the trait.

Back at ARIA, Akari observed Alicia on her elegance. Alicia asked Akari to join her for a walk. They reached a lane which no one had passed yet and Alicia happily hopped across it. Aria sachou joined in and followed by Akari. Akari then asked Alicia her ambition. Alicia had a thought, smiled to Akari and started rolling a snowball. Akari was surprised but helped Alicia with the rolling. The snow ball got bigger and people gradually came and helped them. All the people who had helped enjoyed the rolling and pushing. They reached the edge of the town and the residents there saw the big snow ball. Everyone was amazed and decided to helped out. They served tea and food to Alicia and Akari. Others helped rolling the second and the third snow balls. They then put the second and third snow balls on top respectively. They also brought out the Christmas ornaments to decorate the snowman. Everyone was pleased with the work and enjoyed it. A boat passed by and they waved to the tourists. Alicia and Akari later took leave. Akari commented that it was fun and many others also enjoyed it. Alicia then told Akari that she used to play with snow and let people joined her. Everyone return with sastifaction and thus she decided to be an adult that will make people happy.

Concluding..... the episode showed places and people whom Akari had encountered. At Himeya, Akira invited Aika for pizza. Aika asked her to pay and Akira agreed, saying that Aika had to repay her double when she became a Prima. At Orange planet, Atena invited Alice to a picnic after winter. Alice asked about the location but Atena said it was a secret. Finally, back at Aria company, Alicia, Akari and Aria sachou were by the fireplace. Alicia asked Akari about her ambition and Akari said that she always wanted to be a fairy, travelling to many places and making people happy. Alicia then told her that she would be able to realize that soon, with focus on Akari's handglove.

P/S: An excellent finale to ARIA The Natural. Although episode 25 would make a happy ending, episode 26 gave use a more concluding ending, depicting the warmth of Neo-Venezia. It also highlighted the promising advancement of Aika and Akari to Prima and Alice to single undine in near future. Excellent season and very enjoyable journey, both in watching and blogging.



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Thanks for the summary!I really want to know what they say in the end of the story as conclusion and you did it!


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