Friday, September 15, 2006

Manga Bulk

Finally, I received the bulk of manga I bought from HKcomics before they closed down. I purchased about 30 CH manga, Katsu (1-3,8,9,13-16), Ichigo 100% (1-6,8-10,12-17) and Suzuka (1-5) for AUD$180 (~US$134) last November. I had them shipped to a friend in HK who shipped it to Msia (HKcomics shipping cost was real scary). Unfortunately, he sent them via sea-mail before I had chance to tell him to go for airmail. The parcels arrived after my parents previous visit. And since MAS reduced the luggage quota, it's hard to ask other people to bring the 5kg manga over.

My parents arrived last night for my cousin graduation. What a long wait and boy, am I happy to receive my long-anticipated manga!

My current manga collection (Nothing much to brag about):
ARIA: 1-8, Aqua 1-2
Suzuka: 1-11
Cross Game: 1-4
Pastel: 1-13
Meitantei Conan: 16-55
DBZ: 1-52 (Complete)
Ichigo 100%: 1-19 (Complete)
Katsu: 1-16 (Complete)
2 complete sets of Adachi Mitsuru manga and and several more not mentioned.

Had an expenditure review, spent AUD$500 on manga since Nov 2005. Crazy!!!



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