Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kingdom Heart II Sora Final Form

Remember the Kingdom Heart II Sora Final Form that I have pre-ordered??

I expected it to be released at the end of September and thus receiving it in October. But it has just been released!!! The shipping is also less than what I have expected, 780 Yen. Since I am entitled to early bird discount, it would cost me 4390 Yen, rather than 4580Yen. But I'm surprised that Sora, Kairi, Roxas and Axel has been sold out and now on back-ordered status. In addition, I'm surprised that HLJ didnt advertised the valour form. Honestly, valour is more appealing with the read colour, but the key baldes are not that nice compared to those yielded by the final form.

Hope to receive it in two weeks time. Let's see if Yesasia would be first to ship out my ARIA vocal collection or HLJ would ship the figure first. And see which get here first.

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