Saturday, August 26, 2006

Aria Natural Episode 21

ARIA The Natural
Episode 21:
「その 銀河鉄道の夜に…」

An episode adapted from Navigation 30 in volume 6.

Akari heard slight sound of train every night lately. She thought if its the milky railway. The next day she told Aika and Alice about it. Aika commented that Akari always encounter strange things. Akari has been pondering about the milky train and Aria sachou noticed it. At night, Aria sachou gave her a ticket with Cait Sith stamp. It was the train ticket for a day trip to Milky way departing at 2am. Akari seeked advice from Aika and Alice the next day whether she should go.

She also went to calle tram alley and said that it did look like the station in the story book. In the evening Akari talked with Alicia. Alicia said that Akari had always want to know more about Aqua and maybe Aqua would like to know more about Akari too. At night Akari decided to go. They waited at the designated place and the train arrived at 2am. There were many cats waiting for the train. The train master came down and stamped the tickets. A kitten lost its ticket and was not allowed to board the train with its parents. Akari sympathized with it and gave hers to the kitten. The huge size train master approached them. Akari asked if its Cait Sith and thanked it for saving and giving her the ticket. It again touched Akari face and Akari realized that Cait Sith could be the heart of AQUA. Suddenly, the train master gave them a stamp on their forehead.

The train left and the train master later took off its hat, revealing Cait Sith. The next day, Akari saw the stamps on Aria sachou and her forehead and realized it wasnt a dream.

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