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AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 19

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 19:

Episode 19 reverts back to chapter 52 in volume 8..... Mara created a chibi Ninja called Kodama and instructed her to cause chaos at Morisato residence. Belldandy and Keiichi was repairing a computer he picked from trash. Both of them reached out and held each other hand. Keiichi joked that it was like a scene in anime. They laughed and looked at each other. Skuld threw in a bomb when Belldandy and Keiichi nearly kissed each other.

Keiichi had a nap and woke up finding Kodama disguised as a sexy woman (not really..). Belldandy came in and Kodama said she had sex with Keiichi. Keiichi denied and Belldandy believed him. Kodama was shocked and asked Belldandy. Belldandy said that she promised to trust Keiichi from the first day she made the contract with him. Kodama later exposed her identity and she ignited a bomb. Belldandy shielded them from the bomb. She used her authority and commanded Kodama to treasure her own life. Kodama then stayed at Morisato residence. Mara later sent another ninja, Hikari to hunt Kodama. Belldandy spotted her in the mail box and greeted her. We learnt that these chibi ninja were originally rats. Kodama and Hikari attacked each other. Belldandy stopped them and they succumbed to Belldandy.

The next day, Urd and Skuld lost to Hikari and Kodama in fighting for the television. Hikari tried to take Kodama's life at night but couldnt bear to. A new ninja, Senrigan approached them and called many chibi ninjas with her clarinet. Urd and Skuld were held down by those ninjas. Keiichi nearly suffocated and Belldandy casted the most powerful purification spell to protect Keiichi. Urd ran to Belldandy and saw her asleep while embracing Keiichi. After the advice from Urd, the ninjas send a resignation note to Mara. The following day, Belldandy received a letter from kami. She was suspended for using her sealed power.

P/S: Instead of Belldandy forgetting to renew her license. The anime depicted Belldandy was suspended for using her sealed power. This makes it possible to jump to next week episode from chapter 105 of volume 18, "Wide, Wider, Widest". Hope they make an arc for Schrodinger’s Whale.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 19:
「その 泣き虫さんったら・・・」「その 乙女心ってば・・・」

The first part of the episode depicted the special chapter in Aqua volume 2. Aika had a cold and had to rest at home. A few days later she was so boring that she escaped to the town for a walk and enjoyed her custard pudding. She saw Akari and Alice practising by themselves. She was shocked and ran back home, crying in her room. Akari and Alice went to visit Aika at Himeya dormitory. Aika was crying and she blamed it on the pudding. She explained that she felt lonely and thus sad. She asked them to go home. Alice told her that they have brought her puddings and asked if she wanted to eat them together. Aika agreed and they spent the time together eating the pudding.

Part, 2 illustrated Navigation 35. Aika put on her new hair pin but she felt something was missing the whole day. No matter how Akari, Alice and Alicia praised her and her hair pin, she wasnt herself. She later told Akari and Alice that she hasnt met Al since she cut her hair. Akari and Alice told her to visit Al. She went to visit Al but he was out having his dinner. His mentor said that Al would be back for the late shift. Aika waited for Al and Al praised her hair sytle when he saw her. Aika became happy immediately. Al added that the hair pin was pretty and matched her very well. Aika was overjoyed.

P/S: I guess it's obvious that Aika likes Al. ^o^

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At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow amg is so0o0o co0o0l..i love it...i have been reading the manga but it is go00ing so0o0o0 slow...thx for the summmary of the eps...
p.s i was wondering where did u watch the raw amg form..can u give me the site or the place where i can dl it..thx so0o much if u cant then thx anyway

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Yea... the manga is very slow because of its serialization in Afternoon magazine.

You can find Raw easily. I watch chinese sub though. If you are looking for Raw or English, try Tokyo Toshokan.


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