Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kingdom Heart II Sora Final Form

Kotobukiya Final Form Sora with Sleeping Lion & Hero Crest Keyblades

I have been waiting for a Sora Final form figure and now I have the chance. I pre-ordered it from HLJ yesterday but the processing will be done on Monday since it's weekend. Probably would cost be about AUD $53. I was hoping that Tomy would release a master form or final form but then I wasnt really impressed by its quality. But then those cost less than Kotobukiya's since they have less articulations and smaller in size.

Tomy wisdom and valour form Sora with Oblivion & Oathkeeper respectively

The kotobukiya KH II figures are actually almost the same as the Final Fantasy figure released. If you remember my Kotobukiya Cloud Trife. Below is the original Sora and the limited edition Final and Valour form Sora. Kotobukiya Link: Final Form Sora & Valour Form Sora. The valour form is not available for pre-order yet. Basically it's the same figure but different robe and extra keyblades. Not sure if there's more articulation points.

Kotobukiya Valour Form Sora with Fatal Crest & Fenrir Keyblades. Original Sora with Kingdom Key

The final form Sora yield the Sleeping Lion and Hero crest keyblades. Valour form Sora yields the Fatal Crest and Fenrir keybaldes. I wish Final form Sora yielded Oathkeeper and Oblivion (or Ultima Weapon ^^) as shown by the game art below. Not sure if I want to collect all four forms but I'll decide when I see their keyblades. I'm guessing Star Seeker or Wishing Lamp for wisdom. As for Master form, no idea... maybe Ultima weapon????

Kotobukiya Final Form Sora with Sleeping Lion & Hero Crest Keyblades. Final Form Sora Game art



At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

Haha, actually, I prefer using Fenrir and Ultima Weapon with Sora's Final Form because, well, they're stronger, hehe. Although aesthetically speaking, Ultima Weapon doesn't look good with ANY form.

I also think Final Form's model wasn't well thought-out. The whole point to Final Form was the whole floatiness aspect, but the model looks like the valour form model painted silver.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

I'm surprise tht Fenrir is attached to the valour figure. But I really would love to have oathkeeper and oblivion for the final form but they decided to yield hero crest and sleeping lion??

I guess they only change the pattern and colour scheme for different form. Basically, i think all are the same figure. :)

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Luke said...

1) I lust ordered the full set, (Already had a Valor Form) And Valor Form does that with its Keys too. And the neck is longer if you take off the necklace. And also, all three Soras are the same painted. But nice review.

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Reuben said...

Hey, does the normal sora do have a necklace with a crown? I bought one on eBay and he only has a necklace without a crown, just a little chain :S


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