Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suzuka 116 Pulsation

凉风 #116 鼓動こどう

From previous chapter, Yui confessed to Yamato that she like him. She pushed Yamato down on the bed and lay on top of him, listening to the pulsation of his trobbing heart. Yamato got hold of her and pushed her to the bed. He asked if she know what she's doing. Yui replied that she wont regret if it was Yamato. Yamato got hold of himself and threw Yui's yukata on her. He said he couldnt do it and asked her to get dressed. Yui asked Yamato if he was angry with her. Yamato denied and explained that he likes her but not like that. He added that he dont deserve it. Yamato was going to apologize but was interrupt by Yui's apology. Yui said that she wanted to comfort him but ended bothering him. She continued that she was a bit happy when she heard about the break-up. She always thought that it was fine for her to act so otherwise Yamato wouldnt like her. She reprimanded herself as a terrible girl. Yamato said she wasnt. Yui then asked Yamato to forget what happen that day and asked if they can stay as friends, able to hang out or shop together. She also asked if Yamato would continue working at the cafe. Yamato stayed silent. Yui pressed for a reply from Yamato with tears accumulating in her eyes.

Later, Yamato reprimanded himself as Yui went home crying. Yamato took out an envelope with his wages in it.

P/S: I was right... Yui left crying... The picture of Yui crying is painful to look...so sad. Things will get complicated, now to see how Yamato would respond with his wages, PC or something for Yui?. Also, I start to doubt he would work at Amami cafe again, but I could be wrong. :)



At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow omg...sigh..well i am kinda happy that nothing happen..cuz i no that thing get more complicated if it did.. but the part where Yui ask yamato if they could be friend he should have said yes..but instead he left her crying thats jsut wrong and sad..well in my opinion nayway...i am kinda rooting for yamatoxmiki even if it will never happen...,but i am find with suzukaxyamato too0o0 i no i alot of people dont but...well since the beginning u jsut read about yamato and suzuka.. so0o0 iono maybe thats y i am roooting for them...well tanyway thx for the summmary....cant wait for the next chp. so0o0rie i wrote to0o0 long =)

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

I think Yui definitely got shattered when she asked if he would continue to work at Amami cafe and Yamato didnt reply.

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous ryohei said...

Yeah Yui was really shattered, after being denied an answe, even accusing herself of being the worst. I dont think yamato will quit. I think he will suprise her with the $$$ but as friends

At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Geta said...

Yamato is a douchebag. Not only did he turn down a woman when he needed one most, but he turned down one that was willing to do anything for him to recover from his past heart break, even sacrifice her dignity as a woman.


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