Sunday, July 23, 2006

Suzuka 115 Yukata

凉风 #115 浴衣 ゆかた

Yamato has been missing from work for few days. Yui called and asked Yasonobu since she couldnt contact Yamato. Yasonobu told her that Yamato and Suzuka has separated and he has shut himself in his room. He said that Yamato ignored him and asked Yui to try and invite Yamato to the summer festival. Yui changed into her yukata and went to visit Yamato.

She reached Yamato's room and entered since the room was not locked. She was shocked to see the famished Yamato on the bed. His room was a mess and she asked if he had eaten. Yamato replied that he hasnt. Ayano and Miho went back to their hometown. Yamato asked Yui to ignore him and asked her purpose of visiting. She invited Yamato to the summer festival and dine outside. Yamato refused and said he wasnt in the mood. Yui offered to cook for him but Yamato rejected. Yui the said it was useless to feel depressed. She asked Yamato to forget Suzuka. She added that Yamato had tried so hard for her but she was self-centered. She continued that Suzuka should be happy to have a boyfriend who put in effort for her. Yamato stopped Yui. He said that it was finished even before Yui suggested them to break-up. Yui felt puzzled and said that she couldnt understand why they broke-up. Yamato answered that she dont have to know and asked her to go back. Yui refused and said that it wasnt Yamato's fault. Yamato then bursted out shouting "Then, what should I do". Yui was schocked.

Yamato said that he had tried everything he had thought but he still couldnt salvage it. Yui realized how deeply Yamato loved Suzuka. She grabbed his right hand and put it on her chest. She asked if he could hear her heart-beat. Yamato was surprised and asked her what she's doing. Yui said it was ok and took off her yukata, exposing her body with only her undies on. Yamato wanted to stop her but Yui said that she wont mind that she's not his girl friend nor if he despised her. She added that she just want to comfort him, even slightly would do. She then confessed "Because I...I like you Yamato-kun." Yamato was stunned.

P/S: Yukata is an informal summer kimono (not the bathrobe in onsen). I didnt know that girls dont wear bra for kimono and certainly didnt expect Kouji to pull this off. Sort of spoil my initial impression for Yui, but certainly add to her boldness and straightfoward character. I wonder how Yamato would respond to her... most probably leaving her crying later...



At 9:43 AM, Anonymous ryohei said...

woah, thats a suprise. but yeah i agree fisherman next chapter will prob have yui crying

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Geta said...

Well, Yamato could use some comforing, but I doubt he'll take her invite. I could see them going out on some dates though. I don't think Yamato will completly reject Yuu, since he has no reason to with Suzuka gone, but he might be a bit hesitant.

Did they change the days that suzuka comes out? It used to be Tuesday-Wednesday that you used to do the reviews, but now you seem to be doing it during the weekends. Just curious.

At 5:35 AM, Blogger RSXTypeS3xy said...

I agree with Fisherman Horizon it really made me change the way I thought of Yui. The happy bright person, but now it seems like we all see her as how should I say it.."desperate" girl...coincidentally a bold girl.


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