Monday, July 17, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 15

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 15:

The three sister went had bath in a hot-spring (onsen). Keiichi was on the male side and encountered Mara. Keiichi was given a slap. Back in their room, Urd offered Mara wine and said that they used to drink together. Belldandy suggested that they forget their differences and enjoyed themselves without any fighting. Urd and Mara spent the night playing and competing each other. The next day, Keiichi and gang departed but Mara was still at the resort. Mara was secretly gathering Urd's hairs with Senbei help.

Urd accidentally agitated Skuld and she went out. She bought ice-creams but was confronted by Mara. She put a classical music playing headset on Urd and Urd fainted. At night, Belldandy found Urd's ice-cream and came to know Urd was caught by Mara. Skuld rushed out to find Urd with Banpei. Meanwhile, Urd was tied up and saw a clone of her. Mara wanted to extract the evil side of Urd and place it in the clone. Urd told her that even god couldnt seperate them. But,Mara said she had a demonic urn that could separate her characters. Urd's evil side was then transferred to the clone. Skuld met the evil Urd and was sealed in a mirror. She placed the mirror at Mara's hideout. Later the evil Urd went home and approached Belldandy and Keiichi. She lied to them and Keiichi went to find Skuld. Urd managed to free herself, heard Skuld cry and released Skuld from the mirror. Skuld was shocked to know what going on and bit disgusted at Urd extreme gentleness too. Back home, the evil Urd tried to implant an orb into Belldandy but missed many chances. She then kissed Keiichi to shatter Belldandy's heart. Episode ended with Belldandy running away in tears.

P/S: Episode 15 starts the arc from manga chapter 61-64, volume 11. The arc should finish next episode.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 15:
「その 広い輪っかの中で…」

Alicia and Aria sachou were out on a tourist request. Akari spent her afternoon having lunch under a tree nearby the water. Akira met her and joined her. Later Akitsuki appeared. He was running an errand for his brother nearby. Akatsuki saw the delicious food and Akari try to feed him with a prawn. He was embarassed and the
prawn was snatched by Akira. Akira and Akitsuki argued with each other. Al finished his purchases and sat down with them. He told Akari that they were like that since they were young. The scene switched to their childhood time. Al was having tea on the bench. Akitsuki and Woody was on a high slide trying stunts. He felt proud with his achievements. Akira and Alicia appeared and Akira wanted to try. She beat Akitsuki in all events.

Back to present, Akitsuki said that he admired the guy who beat him. But he had just realized that the guy was actually Akira. Alicia also joined them later. Akari saw them chatting happily and decided to distant herself. They noticed and asked her why. She replied that she was born on Earth and didnt belong to the circle. Akira later told her that she was now part of the circle and everyone had gathered around her. She then felt happy.

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