Monday, July 03, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 13

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 13:

Urd showed her magic to Keiichi and Skuld. Skuld wished she can use magic too. Belldandy cycled back. Skuld wanted to ride a bicycle after seeing her sister's joy. Urd told everyone that Skuld didnt know how to cycle. Both Urd and SKuld made a challenge. Belldandy promised to teach Skuld. Skuld swayed as she cycled but she had air blower attached to protect her from falling. She later modified the bicycle but ended crashing into the wall. Keiichi helped to stabilize Skuld and then let go. Skuld was afraid and fell down. She was shocked that Belldandy didnt save her from falling. Belldandy understood what's Keiichi doing. Skuld fell again and again, kept thinking why Belldandy didnt save her. She later confronted Belldandy and Belldandy replied that this is the way to learn.

Skuld gave up. Belldandy told Keiichi that Skuld depended on others she met obstacles. Skuld went to the park and saw Sentaro riding his bike. He made a stunt and fell down. His wheel was loose and Skuld helped to fix it. Sentaro ws impressed and they introduced themselves. Urd suddenly appeared and told Sentaro that Skuld didnt know how to cycle. Skuld later told Sentaro about her sister not helping her and the pain of falling down. She Sentaro offer to teach Skuld riding bicycle. He stood behind her on the bike, showing her places. Later, he asked if she enjoyed cycling and Skuld replied yes. He suddenly jump away and asked her to look front and cycle by herself. Skuld has learnt cycling and realized what Belldandy had said. She borrowed the bicycle and cycled home. Belldandy saw Skuld riding by herself and was happy. Skuld later gave Sentaro back his bicycle and thanked him.

Next week, Noble Scartlet's appearance but Skuld had problem controlling her.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 13:
「その でっかい自分ルールを…」

Alice had a strange temperament. She would imposed herself with a challenge everyday. On a particular day, she challenged herself to return home by stepping on shadows, either moving or stationary, making rules along the way. When she missed her pace and stepped outside shadow, she got depressed. Atena was guiding some tourists nearby. She saw the depressed Alice and changed a song. The next day, Alice decided to continue with yesterday challenge. She met Atena on the way and walked home together. Alice tripped as her sachou interrupted her jump but Atena held her from stepping. Alice got angry and decided to start again, asking Atena not to help.

Later, they reached an open space without shadows and Atena offered her shadow. Alice got angry and went back to the start. It was sunset, Alice reached the same open space. She saw Atena rowing with Akari and Aika in the gondola. Alice asked them not to disturb her and she started jumping from shadow to shadow. She tripped due to the far distance. Atena quickly rowed her boat to the side and offered her shadow. Atena told Alice that she just want to be her partner, helping her along the way. Atena asked if she cant help because she's an outsider. Alice then told her that she added a new rule, Atena is not outsider and can help. Episode ended with Alice walking home with joy listening to Atena's song.

Love this episode with Atena playing a significant role. The song title is "Kokkoro", track 13 in Aria The Natural OST.



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