Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Suzuka 110 Tomorrow

凉风 #110 明日 あした

Yasonobu asked Yamato if he had patched up with Suzuka. He added that it had been almost one month since Yamato's kiss had been rejected and asked if they were still arguing. Yamato denied but replied that there's mutual dispassion. Their conversation couldnt last more than two phrase. Yasonobu remarked that Suzuka would leave for US next month and it would become a long-distance relationship. Yamato said that he didnt want a break-up. Yasonobu then told him to think of something, otherwise they might really end up separated. Yamato understood but didnt know what to do.

During track practice, Yamato noticed that Suzuka was chatting happily with Miki. He couldnt understand why she could be happy as he was stressed. Miyamoto approached and said that Yamato looked moody. He advised Yamato to put in more effort because he managed to qualify IH narrowly. He added that IH championship wouldnt be a dream for Yamato since Arima would not enter IH due to oversea study. Yamato pondered at the word "study abroad".

At night, back in Yamato room, he thought of Suzuka's told-off and their happy times. He wondered why things turned up this way since he never changed from the beginning. He then decided to approach Suzuka at around 8.50pm. He rang the bell and Suzuka opened the door. Yamato saw boxes piling in her room and asked Suzuka about them. Suzuka told him that she would move out the next day. Yamato asked for an explaination, saying there still one more month. Suzuka replied that the holiday would start the next day and she wanted to spend the month back in her hometown. She then asked if he had any matter seeing her. He replied nothing... nothing important. Suzuka then smile and said she need to continue with packing. The door closed and Yamato was stunned.

My thoughts:
Wonder how he'll respond. I think there'll be a confrontation next week and something will happen. Chapter 111 should be interesting. Hopefully not sad

Had a look at the map of Japan prefecture. Yamato came from Hiroshima[34], Suzuka came from Yokohama [14] and both are in Tokyo [13] now (at least this week). So Suzuka wont be far off from Yamato. If it was Yamato who leave, then....[13 -> 34], that's real pain



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Yay! Thanks aikming,
since I got the raw this afternoon I've been dying to read your post.
Thanks a lot.

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yea thx a lot !!! =D

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Nice to see more Suzuka fans.

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

suzuka is the greatest! thanks for the summary!


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