Friday, June 09, 2006

AMG Tsubasa Updates

The next arc in line is Chihiro arc. Guess that Hild would be the last arc before season 2 conclude. Sentaro and Troubadour have been revealed at the official website. This means this season will cover the story between Troubadour and Urd and since we know that Skuld will obtain her angel, Noble Scarlet, there must be Sentaro in the Noble Scarlet arc.

Since there's no news about Welsper up to now. I doubt Blue Lance will appear eventhough there's Hild arc. Since it's rather hard to implant Blue Lance into Belldandy and nowhere to pass it to later on if without Welsper.

Introduction from Gateway to Goddess:
KAWANISHI, SENTARO - young boy about Skuld's age who taught her to ride a bike. He is Skuld's love interest and played an important role in enabling her to tap her powers.

TROUBADOUR - plum tree spirit and Urd's former love. He is a good harp player and likes to sing. Troubadour is also known to be very jealous. He went to Earth and visited Urd on his pursuit for the Golden Nightingale.


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