Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suzuka 108 Hospital

凉风 #108 病院 びょういん

Suzuka and Yamato ignored each other during breakfast. Ayano suggested that since Yamato has day off from tracks, both Suzuka and him should... Yamato interrupted that he has to work. Suzuka rose and said she's going for training. Ayano and Miho were puzzled by their reactions.

Yamato had a busy day at the cafe. He was going to clean the dishes but Mr Amami requested Yamato to bring clothes to Yui at the hospital. He said that Yamato could pass them to the nurse if he couldnt visit her. At the hospital, Yamato decided to visit Yui since all the nurses look busy. He entered Yui room and Yui woke up. She sat up and coughed. Her top was not properly buttoned and revealed part of her chest. She was embarassed of her messy state. Yui noticed that Yamato wasnt himself and asked him. He tried to act like he was fine but Yui mentioned that he must have tiffed with Suzuka. She told him that Suzuka came and told her just now. Yamato was anxious. Yui sticked out her tongue and said she was lying.

Yamato expressed his thoughts to Yui. He said that he was working hard for Suzuka. Eventhough it affect his training, he did put in effort in tracks too. He couldnt understand why Suzuka said "dislike him" when his performance dropped. He added that he didnt have much time for interaction. Yui asked if it was because of her. Yamato denied and said it wasnt her fault, rather that's how Suzuka is. He looked out the window and doubt everything he had done. Yui felt sorry for Yamato. Yamato decided to go back to work and Yui suddenly said,"How about breaking up". She said that it would be better if this was the case. Yamato was stunned hearing it.

Yui finally revealed her feelings to Yamato.



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There's already JP to CH translation. Why English To Chinese again?

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