Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Suzuka 106 Discontent

凉风 #106 不満 ふまん

Yamato was waiting for Suzuka near the staircase. Yamato asked whether she was fine because she looked tired the day before. Suzuka then asked if he would be fine the next day. Suzuka reminded him that the IH qualifying race would be the next day. Yamato answered that he had practised hard for it. Suzuka said that he could race with Arima. Yamato was relieved that Arima would not compete in the IH. Suzuka turned sad. After practice, Miki came and chat with Suzuka. Yamato had gone back since he had to work. Miki said that Yamato wont have any problem. He would qualify as long as he released his potential.

The next day, Yamato managed to qualify for IH. He was washing his face and Suzuka approached him. She passed him a towel. Yamato said that his speed wasn't encouraging but he did qualify. Suzuka suggested that he should reduce his working days. She added that he do not need to accumulate the desired money before September. She could call him tentatively.

Yamato asked her not to worry. Suzuka then said that Arima is very fast. She asked him whether he was serious in competing with Arima, until now. Yamato replied "definitely" and added that he had been practising hard eventhough he missed several practices before. Suzuka asked him if he's willing to be beaten by Arima and whether he has forgotten about the past. Yamato replied that he's different from Arima. He added that he needed to work and he couldnt give his all like Arima. He continued that Arima started long before him and he was already a star athelete. He couldnt surpass him even how hard he tried..

Suzuka cut him off and shouted, "Enough! I hate the current Yamato". Yamato was stunned. He shouted back,"Who do you think I'm doing all this for.." Suzuka was shocked and sad. She ran away.



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