Monday, May 22, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 7

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 7:
Episode started with Peorth counting roses waiting for requests. Keiichi showed the photographs they had taken to Belldandy. Urd noticed a photo of belldandy smiling happily. Keiichi decided to call Megumi and showed her the photos. He made a call and the call was picked up by Peorth. She arrived via Keiichi camera lens.

As she was explaining to Keiichi, she heard Urd's voice. She was shocked when she saw Urd, Skuld and Belldandy there. Peorth asked for Keiichi wish but he couldnt think of one. He wished for Peorth to go back but made her angry. Later they told her about Belldandy's contract with Keiichi. Peorth decided not to give up. Belldandy felt uneasy but Keiichi assured her.
In the afternoon, Belldandy called Keiichi for lunch. He came across Peorth on the way and told him that she prepared a banquet for him. She forced the food into Keiichi. Urd told her not to came between Belldandy and Keiichi and showed her the photo. Urd told her that only someone whom Belldandy trust and care would be able to smile like that. A series of things continue to happen. Peorth tried to clean Keiichi's back, prepared a ridiculous robe and also turned his room into a "sexy room". Keiichi decided to approach Belldandy and he fell asleep in her room. She put Keiichi's head on her lap.

Next week should be hilarious since Peorth, Skuld and Urd would tried their ways to compete with each other to achieve Keiichi's request.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 7:
「その 猫たちの王国へ…」
Summer has started and Akari changed into her summer uniform. Aria sachou has left early in the morning. Alica, Akari and Aika had their usual practice together. In this episode we also see that Aika is the best among the three of them, being able to steer the gondola through narrow lane. They encountered Aria sachou on its gondola and decided to follow it. They came to a very narrow lane which they never being to. They decided not to enter since Alice said that she need to go to school soon. At night Aria sachou came back exhausted.

The next day Akari and Aika decided to explore the place they last saw Aria sachou the day before. They came to a narrow lane and then an old warehouse. They continued forward but ended up in the same place again and again. Aika and Akari grew afraid and suddenly Aria sachou appeared and showed them the exit. Aika quickly row towards the exit while Akari thought to herself that the cats wouldnt want people to see their secret place. Suddenly, she saw all the cats in there and the leader (big cat) bowing to her from afar.

P/S: I dont really like Peorth voice cast, Rei Sakuma. It's too mature for Peorth.

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