Monday, May 15, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 6

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 6:
Hasegawa and Keiichi were asked to clean the mess in the club room. The boxes were not stacked accordingly and they felt onto Sora. Keiichi shielded her but she saw Holy bell behind Keiichi. Belldandy was protecting them. Later, Keiichi opened his locker and received a letter from a girl known as Sasaki Shiho. The letter sounded like a love letter and Keiichi was panic. Urd suddenly appeared from the looker and read out the content. Belldandy and Keiichi went to meet the girl.

They saw a cute girl in blue. She saw Keiichi and approached him. She took out her charm and said that Keiichi was possessed by something. Sasaki was an amateur excorcist. At night, Shiho went to Keiichi residence and tried to conduct excorcism. Shiho changed into her robe and approached Keiichi. Her face came too close to Keiichi while trying to synchronize with his breathing. Belldandy watched in stun and suddenly the ceiling lamp bursted. Shiho also sticked some charms on the walls but it actually summoned spirits instead of removing them. Belldandy, Urd and Skuld removed the charms.

After that Shiho kissed Keiichi in gratitude for enduring her exorcism. Belldandy was stunned and got jealous. The lamp got short-circuit, the water over flowed, electrical appliances fizzed. Shiho thought the spirits were challenging her. Urd later told Keiichi about Belldandy's jealousy. Belldandy felt bad about herself. Shiho continued with her excorcism. Her messy spell actually summoned Garm, Watchdog of Nibelheim. Shiho agitated it and it attacked them. Urd shielded them while Skuld tried to remove the magic marks. Urd asked Belldandy to use a counter magic spell but she couldnt react.

Urd used magic to make Keiichi flounder with Shiho breasts intentionally. This cause Belldandy to triggered a huge magical explosion and destroyed Garm. Belldandy was crying and saying that she's afraid of losing Keiichi, and worried that Keiichi would hate her. Keiichi comforted her and said that he wanted to be with her. She then embraced him. Shiho thought she still have the talent for exorcism while Skuld was reprimanding Shiho. Next week, Peorth !!!

ARIA The Natural
Episode 6:
「その 鏡にうつる笑顔は…」
Episode 6 was about Alice and Atena. Alice couldn't fit in with friends of her batch. She prefered the companion of Aika and Akari. She invited them to her room at night and Atena requested for their stays at Orange Planet dormitory. Alice received an invitation to a function for orange planet trainees but she decided not to attend the party. They later went for sauna, Aika and Akari encouraged Alice to go to the party. She rejected and left the sauna. Atena helped Alice to blow dry and combed her hair. She also had a conversation with her about the mirror and the person reflected on it. This enlighten her.

Back in her room, she saw the Orange Planet sachou trying very hard to climb onto the bed and succeed in it (so that it can bite Aria sachou??). She was also encouraged by her sachou effort and decided to put in effort too. The next day, early morning, she greeted Atena, Akari and Aika who were still in bed and say lots of optimistic stuff and ran to her school. Atena was happy for her. Alice has also decided to join the party.

I like this episode since we didnt get enought of Atena in first season.

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