Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Suzuka 104 Laundry

凉风 #104 洗濯 せんたく

Chapter started with Yui serving the customer happily. One of the customer told her father that she looked very happy. Her father replied today was the day that the guy came once a week. Yamato rushed in the cafe and apologized for being late. He was held back by his sempai and came straight from his training. There were many people and Yui requested Yamato to help with the cash register. The customer before made a comment to Yui saying that they paired quite well and her dad should be at ease then. Yui replied happily that Yamato already has a girlfriend.

Yamato took leave as the cafe closed for the day. Mr Amami commented that Yamato still have energy after running here and there. Yui asnwered that people who joined track events sure have great stamina. Mr Amami then suggested Yui to participate in curriculum activities and he can managed the cafe on other days. Yui went to the store room and found Yamato's bag with his track T-shirt. She held onto it and realized it was his track shirt. She decided to wash it as a token of appreciation for his hard work.

The next day, in the girl's locker room, Yui was telling her friends about Yamato again. Her friend then told her to confess to Yamato and then get together. Again, Yui said happily that Yamato already has a girlfriend. She then bid farewell as she was going to see Yamato and handed him back the T-shirt. On the way, Yui thought to herself that Yamato would be surprised to see her and she wanted to see his expression. She also thought of walking home with him and listen to his track activities.

It was late and Yui was still waiting. She ran towards Yamato as soon as the training finished. She introduced herself to Miyamoto sempai. She then handed Yamato shirt to Yamato. Yamato realized that she has washed it and thanked her. Yui then grabbed his hand and said "Let's go back together". Yamato apologized and said he has promised Asahina to fetch her. He said they could still walk together on the way.

Yui then let go of his hand and said she forgot that she need to buy something. She bid farewell and ran away. Yamato didnt have a clue what's going on (Idiot). Yui thought to herself as she ran, what has she done, what was she anticipating. She then stoppped and said, "Even I myself have said it.... Yamato....he already has a girlfriend".

My Thoughts:
Yui is in love with... who else! Let's see how Kouji pull this throught. Now.... where's Honoka???



At 5:12 AM, Anonymous BakaKun said...

Sigh... all these good looking girls chasing him, and Suzuka still treats him like yesterdays newspaper. If she doesn't clue in soon she's gonna end up heartbroken.


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