Wednesday, April 05, 2006

March Order and Ichigo 100% TV OST

Received my March order from Yesasia this morning. It's about time, I expect the parcel to arrive by Monday and it's Wednesday today. There's 2 CDs and 7 chinese version manga. I was very impressed with Ichigo 100% TV OST, the cover was very nice, silver colour. I took some pictures and scans of the OST but the silver/platinum colour turn dark during the scanning process. Even the CD themselves are beautiful, there's tones in the colours. I bought the Special Edition which comprise the Valentine Digest DVD as well. As for the mangas, there are Suzuka 7, 8 & 9, Cross Game 1 & 2 and Ichigo 100% 18 & 19.

Ichigo 100% TV OST pictures

Next purchase in mind.... FFVII AC DVD (US) and AMG TV2 OP
Think my sister will get me KH II (US) for my birthday next week.



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