Friday, March 24, 2006

Suzuka: Miki Special

Miki was injured and it was also her birthday. Suzuka asked Yamato to bring her gift to Miki since she has business till late evening. She reminded Yamato to buy his present for Miki. He said that they can treat Suzuka's gift from both of them. He said he was joking after Suzuka said in disbelief.

Miki opened the door with a shirt and an undies on. She thought it was her younger brother. Miki invited Yamato into her house and said that her knee injury could be due to her excessive training. She noted that Yamato was uneasy and asked him. He asked her to wear a pant.

Miki told Yamato that it's about time he called Suzuka by her name. He still felt shy and uncomfortable. She asked him to practise by calling her Miki. Then, she went preparing dinner for her family since her parents were working. She asked Yamato to taste and he complimented her. Yamato kept forgetting to call her Miki and she insisted him to try harder.

Miki accidentally spilled the sauce on them. She went for a bath and while in the bath, she asked him if he likes Suzuka very much. Yamato replied yes. She asked why did he like Suzuka. He said that he saw Suzuka practising high jump on her own and felt that she was a strong girl. Miki remarked that if she was there, then wouldn't Yamato be liking her instead. Yamato kept silent. She then said, "Even so, you would still grow to love Suzuka". Yamato agreed. She said that she's grateful that Yamato's there and she was happy that he made the trip. Yamato commented that Hashiba was as reliable as an adult. Miki said she undertood and then called him stupid. She called him big idiot and asked him to go home. The chapter ended with Yamato asking why Miki's angry.

My thoughts:
It's evident that Miki likes Yamato from this special chapter. Eventhough she had played the peacemaker role between Yamato and Suzuka, she started liking him. At the moment, this manga has many similarity with Ichigo 100%, though the characters and setting are different. Nishino, Toujo, Satsuki and Yui like Manaka. Suzuka, Yui, Miki and Miho like Yamato. Notice the comparison.

Nishino and Suzuka: Strong personality and determination
Aya and Yui: Gentle and considerate
Satsuki and Miki: Lively and amiable
Yui and Miho: Little sister



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Suzuka attitude is a bit more annoying.


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