Saturday, February 25, 2006

I"s Pure 3: Adieu

DVD 3 covers the story of Ichitaka being sick, Iori visit and the gift from the temple, Itsuki helping Ichitaka cutting his hair, the plot of the gang to trap Iori, Ichitaka dating with Itsuki, Ichitaka saving Iori and Itsuki telling Ichitaka that shw would go to America. There is definitely signs of the characters starting to deform, especially during the conversation between Ichitaka, Iori, Teratani and the lying boy.

For more screenshots, visit the links

I"s DVD 3 Snapshots and Summary or straight to Snapshots Part 1 and Snapshots Part 2

My Comments so far:
DVD 3 is still mainly about Itsuki. This DVD is bit disappointing for me as the quality drops compared to the previous 2 DVDs. As usual too much skip. Again Koshinae left out was a big issue here. Although I dont really like Koshinae but leaving him out makes the whole story feel so empty. DVD 3 covers chapter 38 to 40 and then jump straight to chapter 48 ending at chapter 50.

What else is bad? The new hair cut Ichitaka looks ugly. The one in the manga looks much better. The story on the valentine chocolate, threat from Koshinae, denial of Ichitaka feelings and Itsuki appearance in Ichitaka school, all omited!!!



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