Friday, March 10, 2006

Suzuka 98 Interview

凉风 #98 面試 めんせつ

The chapter started with Yamato and Suzuka in a cafe. Yamato was looking at Suzuka's oversea study guide. Suzuka would have her own room equipped with a computer and internet access. She would also have a professional trainer training her.

Yamato then said "Asahina, you are really starting to think of studying abroad seriously. Although I know how hard-working you are, but you said that you wont worry a school without top grade sport faciliites when we started school." He then asked if the fact that she got national 3rd place changed her to be more serious. She denied. Yamato then asked if she was inspired by world class atheletes. She denied again and said there wasnt any particular reason.

Yamato got puzzled and asked her, "Why did you decide to go if there wasnt any particular reason?". She rebuked with "Yamato went to Tokyo without any reason as well". Yamato sulked. Suzuka then started thinking about the life overseas.

Yamato then said "I start to feel that you will be going soon." He felt that he couldnt talk to her like what they were doing now when she abroad. Suzuka replied they still have 5 more months and they can still talk like that for now. She said she will write letters and Yamato need to reply accordingly.

The next day, at the school rooftop, Yamato and Yasunobu had a chat. Yamato said that they would have to use the letter option since long-distance calls were expensive. Yasunobu asked if he can withstand one year like that. He then suggested that Yamato use the internet communication . Apparently Yamato didnt know about this technology. But Yasunobu added that the cost of PC and the software would amount to 14000 to 15000 Yen.

At night Yamato tried making call to find a casual job. He maked about 30 calleds but failed to get one. He could only work on Monday since he had track training. The next day, Sunday, he went to find job personally.

Yamato had a hard time, since he can only work on Monday. One of the shop owner also asked him to remove his abascus level 6 from his resume. He even went to try for assisstant in a night club. After trying more than 20 shops, he decided to go home. Suddenly he saw an advertisement, looking for helper, 16 years olf above and just Monday would be enough.

He then kept pledding with the shop personnel. Suddenly, the door opened and a girl said she had bought the grocery. The personnel, who could be her father or might not be, said he's interviewing someone. Yamato turned and saw Yui. Yui's back! He was shocked and asked why she's there. Yui answered that that's her house.

My thoughts:
I like this week's cover. Suzuka and Sakura flowers. Yui's back. I wonder how the 5 months will go. Looking at the story plot now, Suzuka will definitely have more than 100 chapters.



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