Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How about this week?

As usual, this week:

Mai otome @ Episode 21
Yakitate! Japan @ Episode 68
Binchoutan @ Episode 6
Lemon Angel Project @ Episode 9
Fate Stay Night @ Episode 10

Suzuka @ chapter 98
Cross Game @ chapter 33

Yakitate! Japan did not air last week. Episode 68 will air the showdown between Kazuma and Yukino. From the official website, it looks like the final opponent will be Meister Kirisaki. By the way if you still havent realized, Kirisaki is son, and since Pantasia was acquired by Yuuichi Kirisaki of St. Pierre, I guess he had no choice but to challenge Kazuma. Also because Kazuma is a worthy opponent for him.
I started to find Lemon Angel Project quite enjoyable, since the story not just on the LAP team production. Six episodes were dedicated to tell the story of all the LAP member. There is a blog covering this anime, Hashihime. But one thing I still find it disappointing is the music. Considering the genre of this anime, they should put in more effort in the musics and songs. But I do hear that some of the character file song's pretty good. See how it goes.

Binchoutan is an anime worth watching if you are learning Japanese. There are not too many conversation, easy to follow with show speech and short playback time.

Mai otome still have 6 episodes to go but 5 more weeks, since the last week would air both 25 and 26. I think they should make this anime more than just 26 episodes. They revealed too many stuff towards the later half of the anime and it's hard to think two they can end it nicely. They waste too much on some irrelevant stuff at the beginning. It's episode 21 and Mai "might" just make her first appearance. There's so much to cover in 6 episodes; Mikoto (Not the cat) and harmonium, who's the princess, the other 2 pillars, what's Miyu role, there still 5 more characters not revealed on the official website. So, 6 episodes for all these???

Fate Stay Night 9 is awesome; Assassin appearance and his Tsubame Gaeshi attack, best of all, Saber's Noble Phantasm. It seems that Caster (servant) is the master of Assassin (servant)??? By the way, Ilya will appear this week, a sweet girl but obviously a girl with intentions. Plus fan-service from Saber.


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