Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gundam Wing Zero and Freedom

My Gundam models from HK arrived this morning. I have asked my friends in HK to purchase them and send them to me. Each cost HK 330 and I saved much with the shipping too. I have also bought the SD 288 Stike Freedom for my brother, it's the latest so he should love to have it for his birthday.

The Gundams that I have purchased are
I prefer Freedom over Strike Freedom because of its wing and the beam attached to its wings. Though I must admit that Strike Freedom looks more grand, Freedom is the one for me.

2. Master Grade XXXG-0OW0 WING GUNDAM ZEROWing Gundam Zero from Endless Waltz is my favourite. I was yearning for the MG since I bought the HG. The MG is said to be better that the PG in many ways though not so much manoveures compared to PG.

Cant wait to assemble them. Oh ya, one thing I like about MG is they have stands!

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