Monday, March 27, 2006

I"s Pure 4 Vertige

DVD 4 introduced a new character Izumi Isozaki. After the last DVD, they skipped the part where Ichitaka and his friends went to their friend house to think of a new play. The Ousama game part (chapter 51-63) was omitted and the story jumped straight to volume 8 or chapter 64. I’m pretty confident that DVD 5 and 6 will develop Ichitaka and Iori relationship at the present time after watching DVD 4. DVD 4 ended with the scene where Iori and Ichitaka were spending the Christmas together in a karaoke room. The episode title is Vertige, meaning Giddiness.

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My Comments so far:
Pretty much what I have anticipated, the encounter with Izumi. Izumi didnt act like the one in the manga. Next DVD will be "declaration d'amour" for declaration of love. Of course Ichitaka illusion diary is on Izumi this time.



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