Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Suzuka 100 First Day

凉风 #100 初日 しょにち

The episode started with Suzuka reading a humour book in her room, thinking about Yamato first day at work. She hoped that there wont be any problem with Yamato making mistakes.

Yamato was given the waiter attire, vest and a bowtie. Yui dressed like a maid. Yui's dad asked Yamato not to force himself as this was his first day. He asked him to attend the customer with Yui. Yui told him to asked her if there was anything that he didnt know.

Yamato was nervous since this was the first time he work outside the bathhouse. The first customer came and Yamato went forward to greet him. The guy asked about Yui and amato told him that he was new and just started that day. The guy lighted a cigarette, looked at the stunned Yamato and asked him to bring the menu. Yui gave Yamato the menu but he forgot to bring the cold water.

The business picked up and there were many customers. Yamato sent drinks to wrong menu, bumped into customer and spilled the drinks. He also couldnt operate the cashing machine. He told the customer that he would use a calculator and the customer asked if he could still get a receipt. Yamato asked him why and the customer said that it was for tax purpose. Yamato said he didnt understand and asked what if he couldnt write a receipt. Yui quickly attend to the matter as the customer was both frustrated and stunned. (I wonder what did Yamato learn in school).

He later washed the dishes. Yui's dad asked him to go for a rest but he rejected and said that he didnt help anything so far. Yui came in and asked for clean dishes, Yamato slipped and broke a dish.

At the end of the day, Yui asked her dad if he was angry with Yamato since he broke
many plates. Her dad replied that it was hist first day so he was be nervous but he was very hardworking. He continued saying that if Yamato 's there, Yui would be very happy. Yui denied and said that Yamato had a girlfriend. Yui's dad then tease her.

Back home, Suzuka was helping Yamato with bandages. He hurt all his fingers. Yamato sad that he was very tired and a lot happen during his work. Suzuka commented that
it was because his response is slow. She continued asking if it was all right like this next week and asked him if it would be better for him to resign. Yamato was silent. Suzuka thought he was angry and looked at him. Yamato doozed off and said "Verry sorry" as he slept. Suzuka then said to the sleeping Yamato, " Yamato, you must have been exhausted".

Just realized that I havent wrote the synopsis for I"s Pure DVD 3. The synopsis for I"s DVD 4 just need a review and it will be posted.

P/S: Mai Otome Finale this week!



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