Sunday, April 23, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and ARIA Natural

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 2:
Episode 2 is more on Sayoko. The episode started with Urd commented that it was cold. Belldandy decided to knit a sweater for Keiichi but kept it from Keiichi. It was Christmas season and Sayoko wasnt feeling herself. She met Keiichi on the street and realized that she needed Keiichi to fill her heart. Sayoko had bit too much of achohol and ended up on Keiichi residence. He took her in for rest. Sayoko took Belldandy sweater when she woke up (actually a dog did it but it still ended up with her). Belldandy went out and search for the sweater. Sayoko asked Keiichi out in the evening. She gave him an expensive piece of sweater but Keiichi declined. Keiichi told her his feeling with Belldandy. Sayoko got angry and threw Belldandy's sweater onto him and went away. Belldandy later met Sayoko and Sayoko told her to go back home. Upon reaching home, Belldandy saw Keiichi in her sweater and she was overjoyed. In the end they hugged.

Episode 3:ああっ聖夜に捧げるこの想いっ!
Episode 3 covers the story on Keiichi trying to repay Belldandy with a Christmas present. He asked around and decided to buy a ring. The ring was quite costly so he had to work for the money. Urd helped Keiichi in finding jobs to source the money. He hid the matter from Belldandy. Belldandy was worried as he came home late every night and was exhausted. However, Belldandy believed in Keiichi. On Christmas eve night, Keiichi had enough money and ran to buy the ring. However, it was taken by Sayoko. Keiichi pleaded with her and she demanded Keiichi wearing a Reindeer outfit and reclaiming a ballon stucked on a tree branch. Belldandy was told to wait at the station and she saw Keiichi falling down. She used her magic to save him and Keiichi told him about his work and the ring. Urd then passed the ring to Keiichi, telling him that Sayoko has given up the ring. Keiichi put the ring on Belldandy's hand and the overjoyed Belldandy hugged and kissed him.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 2:
その 宝物をさがして…
Episode 2 is about Akari, Aika and Alice searching for treasure. They were on the gondola and Aika noticed a small hole on a building's wall. They found a note and started searching for the mysterious treasure. The puzzles led them to a high place where they can view the beautiful scenery of Aqua. They also realized that they were not the first group to find out the place. They later agreed to replace all the puzzles in their origins.

Episode 3:その 流星群の夜に…
Episode 3 is about the shooting stars in Aqua. The weather forecast gave a cold night but also a starry night. Akari, Aika and Alice were having a conversation on gravity and shooting stars. The episode introduced a new male character, Al. He's short but older than Aika. He explained the shooting stars to them. He invited them to a lunch and had mushroom nabe. Aika later invited Al to watch the shooting stars with them at night. Apparently, Aika likes Al. At night, Alice didnt turn up as she was sleeping. Al, Akari and Aika went around and search for a better view to watch the starry night. They came upon a ladder and climbed up to the roof of a house. They enjoyed the wondrous view of the starry night. At one point, Aika realized that she was alone with Al (Akari went to other place for different view). The sky was raining with shooting stars later that night.

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