Thursday, April 13, 2006

Suzuka 102 Relief

凉风 #102 安心 あんしん

The title page for this chapter depicts Suzuka with sands flowing down from her hands. The chapter started with Miyamoto sempia introducing himself to the track team as the team leader. Yamato is now in the second year of the track team.
kinugasate sempai came back to check on the team and especially Yamato.

Suzuka was training the other selected athletes at the Adirex training centre. Her peers gave her some suggestion in her event-long jump after watching her jump. Yamato was peeping at her. He saw many potential athletes and also Arima at the venue. As he decided to leave before anyone noticed him, Suzuka glanced over and saw her.

They were both quiet on the way home. Yamato was thinking to himself, worrying that Suzuka was angry that he went to the training venue. Suzuka suddenly suggested that they made a trip to the park before going home. They sat on a bench and and kept quiet. Yamato felt like Suzuka was throwing a tantrum like last time. Suddenly Suzuka leaned her head on Yamato shoulder and said "So tired". She said that there were many suggestions given to her and she was trying very hard. But she added that she felt relief when she saw Yamato face back then. Yamato asked her if it would be better for her to go home and have a rest. Suzuka agreed but decided to stay for a little while. She said the sakuras were beautiful.

My thoughts:
I like the ending to this chapter. Suzuka finally able to express her feeling towards Yamato in more natural way.



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