Thursday, April 13, 2006

Round up Mai Otome, GPO and LAP

Quick round up of three anime that has concluded in the last season. LAP, GPO and Mai Otome. I wont cover what the storyline of these anime, rather I'll give some opinions on the series. If you are looking for the summary, please visit Random Curiousity for Mai Otome and Hashihime for Lemon Angel Project.

Mai Otome
This was one of the best anime series for me during the last two seasons. There were lots of humour, action, emotion, "romance" and friendship theme. It basically covers all the theme for an anime expect for magic and mecha. I wouldnt count the slaves as mecha, do you??

The character designs are excellent. Althought they used the same cast from Mai Hime, they have placed emphasis on other characters such as Nina and Arika (they were insignificant in Mai Hime). I like the otome robe design. However, the character coverage was not enough, a lot of characters suddenly appeared in the last two episodes. They should have cover these characters more in depth in earlier episodes. I wish there were more coverage for Mai, Haruka, Sarah, Maya, Rosalie and Ein. The romance in the anime was bit "sickening"; nina+sergay+arika, natsuki+shizuru+tomo and chie+aoi. Nevertheless, the ending is suitable and interesting. The anime can be considered as a success.

The background music and the soundtracks are excellent. However, I wish they would change the ED theme. The anime has two OP theme but just one ED theme throughout the series.

I gave a perfect 10 for this anime considering the anticipation and the joy from wathicng this series. High recommended to all anime fans.

Lemon Angel Project

I actually quite enjoy LAP and rate it as 6 out of 10 for recommendation. There are more humours towards the last few episode. The anime is about the formation of the lost Lemon Angel Singing Group. The background setting and the colours are good. The character designs are presentable and the drawing looks consistent throughout the series.

However, I was not pleased with the soundtracks considering this is a music genre anime. There no action nor romance in this anime. However, a great deal of friendship value has been depicted in this anime.

Gun Parade Orchestra

Gun Parade Orchestra is seperate into 3 section story, the white, green and blue chapter. There are 24 chapters in total, and 2 OVA so far. There should be one more OVA for the blue chapter.

The white chapter was ok to watch, the green chapter got less interesting and the worst was the blue chapter. There are some humour and action but the settings and the colours were not appealing. The characters were not distinct nor special. I dont think the soundtracks were nice apart from the OP theme. However, there were a number of OST released by Lantis. My recommendation is 5 out of 10 for this anime, at least I enjoy the white chapter.


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