Tuesday, May 02, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 4

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 4:
Sayoko invited Keichi, Hasegawa, Belldandy, Urd and Skuld to her Christmas party. She invited Belldandy to help her as she intended to ridicule her. The judges were on her side but Belldandy outshone and scored perfect for her singing,magic show and the radiant bikini show. Sayoko then challenged her in wine drinking. Apparently Belldandy was immuned to achohol. Sayoko was sent to hospital due to excessive drinking.

Keiichi gave a coke to Belldandy, saying that a coke will help to ease her, but the coke made Belldandy drunk. She sort of went berserk, helping people to obtain their wish, wishing them "Blessing be upon you". Hasegawa turned into a giant, Mara cried and ran away, people getting their wishes. Urd and Skuld were having a fight at Sayoko house. Aoshima met Belldandy at the garden and he asked her to be his but Belldandy rejected saying that she has a greater wishes that is to be with Keiichi. He tried to force her butKeiichi approached them, saying there's still one more misfortune and ran away with Belldandy. The water from the water fountain splashed onto Aoshima.

Keiichi and Belldandy came to a bridge. Belldandy apologized for the misfortune but Keiichi said that it would only be misfortune if it comes to the day that he had to let go of her hand. Belldandy granted the wish and passed out since she used too much of her energy. Later Keiichi realized that his hand was glued to Belldandy's hand.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 4:
その ネオ・ヴェネツィア色の心は…

Mr. Postman requested help from Akari as his boat was being repaired. Alicia has many appointments so she couldnt help.She suggested that Akari could help, with Mr. Postman acting as a trainer, then they could deliver the mailsat the same time. The next day, they went around Aqua collecting mails. Akari was given the chance to pick up the mail bag but nearly drop it into the water.

In the afternoon, as they were going to deliver the mails and a boy turned up. He wanted to send a letter to his former teacher as it was her wedding day. Mr. Postman decided to bring him along and help him. They reached the church and Mr.Postman brought the mail to the boy's teacher. The teacher read the letter and tears came down her cheeks. Aika and Akira were also there as the newly wed arranged a ride on their gondola. Akari row the boat along side them and the boy has the chance to talk to his teacher once more and wish them blessing.

The episode ended with Mr.Postman and Akari having tea on boat after delivering the letters. Akari told this to Ai-chan and Ai chan realized that she never wrote a letter before and she wanted to try once.

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