Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Suzuka 105 Chance Encounter

凉风 #105 擦違 すれちがい

The title is of 2 kanji but the hiragana shows that it should be 擦れ違い.

Miyamoto called for Yamato but Miki told him that Yamato had sms, saying that he had overslept. Miyamoto said that it was the third time this month. Miki replied that it could be due to his tiring part-time job. During lunch time, Yamato yawned and Yasunobu asked him about his job. He added that Yamato didnt have time for Suzuka due to the job. Yamato agreed that he could only talk with Suzuka on the way home and during dinner. Yamato also said that he had a date the next day with Asahina.

The next day, Yamato yawned while waiting for Suzuka near the stairs. He wished that he can sleep longer. Nevertheless, he said that it was rare chance that both were free and he shouldn't waste the time sleeping. Suzuka appeared from behind and asked if he felt sleepy. He denied. Suzuka asked him where he planned to take her to. He said they will go for the movie that she had longeth for, "Murder of the Sunken Ship". She was very happy to hear that. On the way, she remarked that it has been a while since they had a date, the last time was in her hometown.

Yamato said it felt good that he received his pay for last month work. He said that he would be able to buy a computer before she go abroad. Inside the cinema, Suzuka noticed that Yamato fell asleep while watching the movie. Later in a cafe, Yamato tried to comment on the movie but Suzuka said that he slept through the movie. Suzuka later said that Mr. Sasaoka was eyeing on Yamato's progress and added that if Yamato put in effort, Mr. Sasaoka would keep his promise and produce a shoe for him.

Yamato told Suzuka that he wanted to work for more days because he wanted to accumulate more money and use part of it for them. Suzuka tried to tell Yamato something but she withdrawed. They later went shopping and Yamato noticed that Suzuka's bit moody. He asked if she's tired. He then commented on his okonomiyaki popularity and his intention to learn more professional way of cooking it.

Suzuka suddenly apologized to Yamato and said that she wanted to go home. She smiled and said she was indeed bit tired. She the left while Yamato noticed her unease facial expression.

P/S: Sometimes I think Kouji quite bad with title naming, it dont match the chapter sometimes. There wont be an issue this week. Kouji was having a break this week.



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