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AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 8

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 8:

The Peorth arc continued. Early morning, Peorth approached Keiichi as he awaken. Skuld saw Peorth hugging Keiichi and tried to refrain. Peorth repelled her bomb and commented her inability as a second class goddess. She later made same comment to Urd. Both of them then challenged her and asked Keiichi to be the judge. Belldandy objected but was criticized by Peorth. Keiichi wanted to got to university and all three goddesses used their magics or machine to send him off. He ended up on a statue in a park.

Keiichi was soaked and they tried to warm him with their ways. Hasegawa was there at the park. The wind suddenly blew and an upskirt occurred. Keiichi was embarrassed but they thought he liked it. So the 3 goddessed messed with the wind. They caused Keiichi to blend in with wind and rotate like a typhoon. Peorth tried to cancel the magic but in vain. Belldandy sensed Keiichi’s call and went to help him. She went into the wind circumference and hug Keiichi, stopping the typhoon. Urd then said that they have all lost.

The next day, Peorth was jealous over Belldandy and Keiichi joy in greeting each other. She went to Urd’s room, took the love elixir and customized it. The elixir was supposed to make Keiichi fell in love with Peorth. Keiichi was fixing his motorbike and Peorth brought her the spiked drink. He fell asleep by the tree. Belldandy was thinking about what Peorth had told her about realizing Keiichi’s wish.

Megumi came to see the photos and woke Keiichi. She fell in love with Keiichi when she looked at Keiichi face. The same thing happen to Skuld, peorth and Urd. Keiichi tried to avoid Belldandy fell into the magic and he ran away. Belldandy hugged her from behind and said that she would like to fulfil all his wishes, not as first class goddess, but her own will. She asked if Keiichi’s willing to be with her as they may encounter obstacles. Keiichi turned around and replied that he never felt painful being with her because he just want Belldandy by his side. He the realized that she looked at him but there wasn’t any effect on her. Belldandy hugged her and lights dispersed from them. Everyone was cured of the love effect.

Keiichi later asked Urd about Belldandy immunity and Urd said that her pill wont have any effect on loving couple. Peorth was punished by Urd with the elixir and she poured her affection on a statue.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 8:
「その ボッコロの日に…」

It was the season for Aqua Alta. Alicia went to attend a meeting for undines. Akatsuki called Akari and asked her to help him. As usual he called her “momiko” meaning pigtails. She tagged along a small gondola with Aria sachou in it (Note: The city road were filled with water).

Many people wore red rose on their chests and Akari realized that it was Boccoro’s day. Akatsuki bought a basket of roses for Alice and he wanted to bpurchase more. On the way, they met Alice. She told Akari that Atena received a lot of rose from her peers. Akari asked if Alice gave her any. She remarked that even if she gave Atena one, Atena wont feel anything about it. Akari told her that Atena would be very happy if Alice gave her a rose.

They also met Aika and Akari asked if Al gave her the rose on her hand. Akatsuki and Aika argued and she said she would beat him and gave the rose to Alicia faster. Akatsuki and Akari reached the town centre. Akatsuki was bargaining with a peddler while Akari listened to the story of Borocco from a lady peddler.

Aika reached the venue for the undine meeting but she missed Alicia. She met Al nearby and he gave her a gem bearing the name “eye of rose”. Later, Akatsuki practised with Akari in giving the flowers to Alicia. Alicia approached from behind with a gondola full of roses. They were from familiar customers. Akatsuki tried to present the flowers to Alicia but she remarked that Akari received a lot of flowers from Akatsuki. He was stunned and fell to ground. The roses dropped onto the water and floated down the stream.

At the end, Alice gave a rose to Atena and she was indeed happy. Aika and Al spend the day together. He made a joke on red meat and ended being sarcastically remarked by Aika. Akatsuki later gave a rose to Akari as token of gratitude.

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