Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anime & Manga Vintage

A list of vintage anime that is unforgetable....

Nostalgic Anime:
Voltron series [1981-1982]
Genesis Climber Mospeada [1983-1984]
Transformer Masterforce [1988-1989]
Transformer Victory [1989]
Dragon Ball Movie (5-13) [1991-1995]
Gundam Wing [1995-1996] & Endless Waltz [1997]
Dragon Ball GT [1996-1997]

Nostalgic Manga:
Doraemon [1969-1996]
Dr. Slump [1980-1984]
Dragon Ball Z [1984-1995]

I confine the list to 1997, otherwise the list would just get longer. Quite reluctant to add Endless Waltz and Dragon Ball GT since they are not so "vintage". Not a fan of macross or robotech, so didnt add to the list. Sailormoon [1992-1993]..Forget about it...

This is the original Star Saber model which my parents bought me at Singapore 14 years ago. As you can see, it's old and the plastic turned yellowish due to sun exposure. I lent it to my friend many years back and he lost my plane head part, so I dont have the handle to the blade and I cant form the airplane. I nearly lost the whole thing as he tried to denied he had it. In the end I got it back but he lost the plane head. He even accussed that I didnt gave it to him and threaten me.


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Sounds like you got a great friend there =\


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